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  • For beginners and experienced artist
  • 3 day intensive training
  • Live Demo
  • Complete Face Design
  • Henna Brows
  • Manual and Device method
  • NanoStroking and NanoShading
  • Eyeliner
  • Color Theory and color correction


  • For  beginners and experienced artists
  • 2 day intensive training
  • Manual shading methods – NanoShading
  • Machine/Device shading methods – Powder/Ombre Brows
  • Main microblading rules
  • Live Demo
  • Color Theory included
  • Machine included
  • Preparation Online


  • For complete beginners
  • 5 day intensive training
  • Complete face design
  • Shading and Strokes
  • Practice on model under supervision
  • Skin Anatomy, BBP and Color Theory included
  • Preparation Online is mandatory


  • For complete beginners
  • 5 day intensive training
  • Complete face design
  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Practice on model under supervision
  • Skin Anatomy, BBP and Color Theory included
  • Preparation Online is mandatory

Deluxe Brows® Training Center Fundamental and Advanced Master Classes

We believe in high quality and best results, thats why we offer long term trainings in small groups

Why Deluxe Brows® training program is unique?

  • 10 days online preparation, 5 days initial trainings, advanced online module, certification and unlimited support.
  • Permanent make up basics
  • Color theory and color correction included
  • Several methods of manual permanent make up, including genuine manual shading and combined technique.
  • High quality video demostrations online and during trainings
  • Only medical sterile pigments and tools.
  • Local based company, wether you took your training you are able to came back and reach your teacher.
  • Established academies in California, Pennsylvania, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Australia, New Zealand
  • Student support without limitation.

All Deluxe Brows® students are able to upgrade their knowledge anytime they connect to our Online Academy!


When it comes to augmenting someone’s appearance, you want to make sure you are trained by the best to ensure your clients satisfaction and make sure you are providing the best experience as possible. That is why I went with Deluxe Brows. Not only is this an incredible company to be trained by and get to work with, Kim was truly are incredible trainer. She is highly knowledgeable, tactful in her teaching method and extremely thorough. She covers all the bases when it comes to microbladding, she makes sure get all the information and one on one help you need to feel comfortable when it’s time for the models, she her self is a superb microbladding artist and she has been great with staying in touch with you after the training to help answer any additional questions you might have. So thankful to Kim!

Deanna Isabella Fly

I loved this course! The flow of the information given was great. Hands on and theory were mixed in perfectly to keep you understanding the subject matter. Aleksandra, Sandra, and Sarah were very direct…which I love…no wasting time. They keep the group on task so we could get all the education we need to build a foundation in this practice. So much great training packed into 4 days and a ton of homework too but if you’re passionate and dedicated you will love!

Also, great support before and after training. I feel my training group and instructors are part of a team and I feel comfortable asking any questions that come up for me.

Great experience for me. Life changing.

Thank you again Deluxe Brows!

Erika Wilson

To say I was nervous about taking this leap and learning the skill would be a huge understatement. I was even more worried when starting the class and being told this is difficult and something that will take lots of hard work and dedication and not a talent everyone will possess (honesty is the best policy). I knew going in that the training would be intense, but, that is what I was looking for. There is homework before, during, and after, Aleksandra takes it very serious (as she should), and will not accept anything but the best. Again, exactly what I want as a student, and as a future client. She is very welcoming and easy to talk to, while always giving straight forward and honest answers. I feel as though I received the best training possible and appreciate the dedication that Aleksandra, Sandra, and Sarah have for the art. I can not say enough wonderful things about the classes, they are very thorough, thought out, and most importantly hands on. As previously stated I was extremely nervous at first, but now feel confident in my knowledge and ability to continue to practice and learn. 

Shadiyah Camille

I’m so glad I took Deluxe Brows 4 day course. I did a lot of research and didn’t want to do just the normal 2day course like everywhere is offering. This was an amazing intensive course. It was worth the investment. I definitely did learn and with practice I know I can be confident in doing microblading now. Kim teaches in San Diego and I loved her! She was very thorough and patient with us. She was an amazing teacher. Definitely enjoyed learning from her. I highly recommend this class and Kim!

Marisela Garza


march, 2017

25mar - 28All DayUSA LOS ANGELES, CA4 days Intensive Fundamental TrainingREGISTRATION Price: 4days training price - $3999

28mar - 31All DayUSA SAN DIEGO, CA4 days Intensive Fundamental TrainingREGISTRATION Price: 4 days training price - $3999