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Finally, we combined Microblading Fundamental and Manual Ombre Shading Modules Online! Now it’s all in one!

Deluxe Brows® 12 months long term “step by step” training contains all permanent makeup basics, including skin anatomy, the healing process, correct depth, different pigment filling methods, eyebrows design, several measurement methods, color theory and more important information for best knowledge and practice. Expert Plus kit is now included in this package. And most important all online students are able to participate in physical courses by paying the balance.

The difference with physical class is that you will be studying at your own pace, with the help of your online trainer. In order to complete the online class in 12 months consistent practicing is required.

This training is recommended for both beginners and with experience in PMU/SPMU/Microblading.


All online students are able to:



The course is not refundable from the moment it is activated.


  1. Deluxe Brows Online Practice Kit
  2. Full Microblading and Manual Ombre Shading training module with tutorials and videos – Skin Anatomy and Physiology, Treatment steps, Contraindications, Aftercare, Color Theory, Pigments and their ingredients, Fitzpatrick scale. Skin tones and correct pigment choice. Symmetry measurements with different tools, The basics of eyebrow reconstruction. Eyebrow shape rules. Analysis of bone structure, Different needles and techniques including shading, Hair strokes patterns, Microblading Rules, Healing process, Touch ups, Combined Technique (microblading plus shading) Manual shading, Shading needles, Ombre Templates, Ombre Shading Treatment
  3. Final Microblading assessment –  practical exams
  4. Microblading Certificate – upon successful (keeping the high standards) completion of the course in the required time
  5. Final Ombre Shading Assessment – practical exam
  6. Manual Ombre Shading Certificate – upon successful (keeping the high standards) completion of the course in the required time


  • Mannequin Head for practice
  • Practice Book*
  • Deluxe Brows Pigments
  • Deluxe Brows Tools for Manual Method
  • Deluxe Brows Needles
  • Sticky and Plastic Rulers
  • Brow Pencils
  • Nutri Cream
  • Numbing
  • Sterile Pack* for your first individual treatment
  • Your kit is enough for at least 20-30 treatments

*As these items are new, they come with new online purchases only.




By purchasing this course you need to read and agree with the information below (you will also receive an agreement application that must be signed and send back before starting the course):


Treatment video demonstration parts will be available after you pass all your assignments on paper, artificial skin and the mannequin head. It may take you months to complete and even more, if you are planning to combine it with work, family etc. According to safety reasons we do not provide these videos in advance in order to be sure in your future models and clients safety.

You should submit your works at least 4 times per week. If you won’t finish all assignments in 12 months you won’t receive your certificate of completion.
The course is valid for 12 months. It means you will be learning, sending assignments and we will be able to support you during these months. Plan your time accordingly, to avoid last minute stress. Once the course is expired we are not able to extend it.

If you are not interested in trainer’s support and want to practice on your own we recommend you to choose the Express course

High Standards

  1. Around 100 pairs of eyebrows on paper with the symmetrical shape and correct hairs strokes;
  2. Around 50 pairs of eyebrows on the artificial skin with the symmetrical shape and correct hair strokes pattern;
  3. 2 full treatments on mannequin head and mannequin mask with symmetrical eyebrows and correct hair strokes
  4. Eyebrow mapping designs on models. Once this step is finished you are able to register for live practice day.
  5. 2 full treatment on models
  6. Manual Ombre Shading exam on artificial skin
  7. Manual Ombre Shading treatment on model

*Student will be required to repeat the drawings until it will meet the standards. Student won’t be able to proceed with the next level until they won’t achieve the required results with the previous unit.


You will need to send us clear not cropped pictures of each assignment, were your training supervisor can clearly see and analyze your work. All assignments must be finished according to the required rules, instructions and examples provided in course. If your works won’t meet the requirements you will be required to repeat your assignment again.


During your individual practice you may contact your training supervisor with any questions. Your online trainer will be assigned to you after registration and will be available during business hours. It may take more than 24 hours to get the response.

Note! We strongly recommend this course for beginners before the physical course or for those who already works with microblading technique, but have lack of knowledge or want to improve the skills.

We still recommend taking physical training with practice on models to gain the best knowledge. However, this course will help you to get ready for your first practice!


  1. Select and pay for the course online (provide your detailed address with phone number for postage your practice kit).
  2. Sign an agreement
  3. Your online account will be active in about 48h. An informational email will be sent once your account is active.
  4. Log in and you are ready to start your course.
  5. Practice kit will arrive in about 7-10 business days after activation.
  6. Checking you homework may take 48 hours and during business days only.



  • What is the process of submitting and getting feedback on the assignments? How long is the turnaround? 

Everything will be done online inside your module, your online teacher will be responsible for your assignments, so you will stay often in contact with her.

  • I can’t skip ahead until assignments are accepted, however, can I go back as a refresher? 

Yes you can go back as many times as you need.

  • How long do I have access to the course? 

Your subscription is up to 12 months. You also have unlimited support with our team.

  • Is there a certificate of completion for the online course? 

Yes once you will successfully finish your course you will receive two certificates. One for Microblading Fundamental course and one for Manual Ombre Shading course

  • Will I be able to start my work on clients after I finish this course?

After successful completion of this course you will be able to start working on models, however, we strongly recommend to start with submitting the eyebrows shapes only (before and after pictures to your training supervisor) and when they are perfect you are ready to go ahead.

More information about the online course

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