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Deluxe Brows Online Training Courses


Application Agreement will be send to you after your registration. You are required to read it, sign it and send back to us in order to proceed.

In order to participate at Deluxe Brows class or take the Online class you agree that:

YOU ARE NOT A TRAINER, or an employee of a trainer, or attending the class on behalf of any trainer or organization representing training in the field ofpermanent cosmetics. 

Deluxe Brows Training is not just an additional course or service for your business. These will be very intensive months and a serious step in your career. We are not wasting or pushing through time, we are learning – hard! If you are thinking of taking this training, please consider the things below:

  • You must have enough free time for your preparation and homework during training. If you are working full-time, have no extra time for practice or have additional things to do instead of preparing for the course, please postpone your training date until you will be available at least for half of the time.
  • You should be patient and be ready for a lot of mistakes and difficulties while practicing. It is not as easy as it seems. It requires A LOT OF TIME and PRACTICE to get the average results and even more time and practice to get good results.
  • Be prepared for a lot of theory and important information during class. Make sure you have enough rest and that your mind is clear and unoccupied with other thoughts or problems. Otherwise, you won’t remember anything that we teach you.
  • We do care a lot about our models faces. That’s why we only let you work on models if you will finish ALL your online homework and practice in appropriate level. If we are unsure about the quality of your work or the possible results, we will not allow you to work on a model.
  • We highly suggest practicing on artificial skin until it is perfect and only then can you start working on clients.
  • We do offer an additional day of practice (after 1-2 months of initial training) and we strongly encourage you to use this opportunity before working on a client.
  • We do not accept any excuses on homework or practice. If you choose this craft, you MUST WORK HARD. No tears, no tissues, no pain in your hands or head.
  • Make your choice very wisely.


Agreement between student and company must be signed in order to receive online module login access and to start your class.

Our initial courses are held in a licensed establishment and provided by licensed and registered tattoo artists.

ALL students must finish a Blood Borne Pathogens course prior to working on models.

ALL US students must register with the local Health Department to obtain a Body Art Practitioner Permit prior the class.

Your Body Art Permit and Blood Borne Pathogens course must be valid in the county where the course is held!

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