Deluxe Brows Certification System

SET YOUR GOALS STEP BY STEP WITH DELUXE BROWS! Get the amazing chance to become a SUPERIOR or SUPREME Artist! Find out all benefits and achieve your goals!...
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Pigment Ingredients. PEG-8

PEG-8 Laurate The Cosmetics Database found PEG 8 Laurate to be a moderate to high hazard, in part because of its inclusion of Lauric Acid. It notes the organ toxicity and contamination concerns associated with all PEGs, and also allergies and immunotoxicity concerns...
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Deluxe Brows® Microblading Training Step by Step – Manual Permanent Make Up Methods

Deluxe Brows® Microblading Training Step by Step - Manual Permanent Make Up Methods All Manual Permanent Make Up Methods that are taught during Deluxe Brows® Online and Physical Trainings. Instructional videos and visualizations are available in online preparation...
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Permanent Magazine

Permanent Magazine 03/2016 + DVD Dear permanent make-up believers! We'd like you to join us as our permanent magazine soars to new heights on the global canvas of permanent make-up...
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Deluxe Brows® Online Fundamental Training Module

Deluxe Brows® - Microblading Fundamental Training Online This course is recommended for both beginners and advanced in PMU/SPMU/Microblading students. It basically contains the same things as physical course, including theory and video materials. The difference is...
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AS PMU Resort Brazil

Aleksandra Maniušė will present her Deluxe Brows® microblading technique in AS PMU Resort Congress , Brazil. We invite you to join this fantastic event - November 20-25th,...
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