Microblading Training Registration Europe


Deluxe Brows – Intense Fundamental Manual & Machine Permanent Make up Training

5 days in Class and 6 Months Online Training


5 day Full Permanent Makeup Fundamental Training (Microblading and Machine Method) £3100

4 day Manual (microblading) Permanent Makeup Fundamental Training £1990


Part of the price may be paid for first registration.

For the remaining balance payment please contact the trainer.

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LIVERPOOL, UK (4 days FC) 21-24th of August

LIVERPOOL, UK (5 days FC) 4-8th of September

LIVERPOOL, UK (2 day Advanced NanoShading workshop) 11-12th of September (For course description click here)

Manual and Machine Permanent Make Up Training Pack

  • For complete beginners
  • 5 day intensive training
  • Additional 6 months learning online
  • LEARNING IN SMALL GROUP of 6 persons
  • Live Demo
  • Practice on model under supervision
  • Full Kit included
  • Certificate of attendance

Full Permanent Make Up Basics:

  • Both Manual and Digital Machine methods
  • Complete face design and Brow Mapping
  • Manual Permanent Makeup (Microblading Method)
  • Manual Shading Methods (Ombre and Powder Brows)
  • Permanent Makeup with digital machine
  • Women and Man Templates
  • Different pigment filling methods
  • Skin Anatomy, Health & Safety, Color Theory & Color Correction
  • Touch Up, Healing, After Care, Documentation

Before and after training:

  • Preparation Online is mandatory
  • Further certification in levels through Deluxe Brows
  • Preparation and unlimited support online



Intermediate Level PRACTICE ON MODEL (optional):

1 model US$500 ; 2 models US$750 (Registration available only after completion of online exam!)

5th Practice day includes:

  • Questions/Answers Session
  • Disposable products for your practice on models
  • Live practice with your model under supervision of instructor



YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO WORK DIRECTLY AFTER 4 DAYS TRAINING! Once you have completed your 1 month online preparation module and 4 day physical training in class, you are then required to practice on artifical skin at least a month. Your artifical skin will need to be submitted and approved in order to be able to work on models solely. You will receive certification and assignments requirements after registration. Your trainer will be happy to assist you during your individual practice process through all 6 months.

Deluxe Brows® is not responsible for the additional permits you may need in your state (if you are in a different state than where you will have your trainings). You must check with your local Health Department for all the requirements and regulations in order to perform Tattooing. This service should be performed in a licensed and permitted facility only, and you must obtain liability insurance in order to work on models. 

CLICK HERE AND READ carefully all the INFORMATION before registering, then choose the location and your training pack.




Main Techniques

  • Hair Strokes – Nanostroking ™
  • Manual Shading/Powdering – Nanoshading ™
  • Combined method – strokes and shading
  • 5 pigment filling ways
  • 4 strokes drawing method


Fundamental Preparation for Beginners

  • Skin Anatomy – Touch Ups – Color Correction
  • Different Hair Strokes Patterns
  • Different Shading Effects
  • Eyebrow mapping methods – Thread, Sticky Rulers, Plastic Rulers, Golden Ratio
  • Extensive Color Theory + Formulations of Organic and Inorganic Pigments

Main Program?

  • Preparation & Homework Online
  • 4+1 day training in class
  • Hands on with model
  • Final assessment with model
  • 6 month training online after physical course


Deluxe Brows Microblading – Expert Plus Kit

The kit includes:

  • Sterile Medical grade pigments:
    • 5x  Deluxe Brows Medical Pigments 10ml each –  3 Warm and 2 Cool Colors
    • 1x Warm up Modifier 10ml
    • 1x Diluent

    Manual Needles:

    • 60x NanoStroking Needles
    • 40x NanoShading Needles

    Treatment & Tools:

    • 2x Manual Microblading Pen
    • 2x Eyebrow Ruler
    • 15 x Sticky symmetry rulers
    • 2x Soothing Liquid
    • 5x Eyebrow Pencils
    • 3x Artificial Skins with Deluxe Brows Template
    • 25x Micro-brushes
    • 25x Pigment Brushes
    • 2x Deluxe Brows Face Mask

    Professional Case