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Meet Aleksandra Maniuse Founder and Trainer of International Brand

“Great microblading is not a beautiful result directly after treatment. It is a crisp, natural, long lasting result once healed.”
– Aleksandra Maniuse

Founder,  Aleksandra Maniuse was born in Vilnius, Lithuania.  She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree along with diplomas in Hygienic and Decorative Cosmetology and Salon Management from Vilnius College and University College, Birmingham, respectively.  Aleksandra holds numerous certificates in a wide array of permanent makeup and tattoo procedures.  She has obtained these certifications by completing rigorous training programs in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Estonia and Italy. 

In 2011 Aleksandra founded Deluxe Brands and Academies Worldwide. She is licensed as a master permanent makeup artist and is a certified trainer in the States of California and Florida.

Aleksandra is a distinguished permanent makeup technique educator and holds a Level 3 Teacher Training Award (PTLLS).  She is the President of the first Baltic Association of Lash and Brow Artists (LBAB) and is the organizer of the annual Permanent Makeup Reunion Congress, held in Las Vegas, NV.  A member of the Permanent Makeup Society, Aleksandra has been recognized with a TIPMCC Award for Commitment, Dedication and Outstanding Performance in her field.  She is the creator of the trademarked permanent makeup techniques NanoShading™ and NanoStroking™, and both processes have revolutionized the world of permanent makeup and artists’ success.

The author of multiple training manuals and developer of a recognized training certification system, specifically approved by ABT International, Ireland, Aleksandra continues to train students from all over the globe.  In addition to training, Aleksandra routinely judges at several events and conferences internationally, including Russia, Mexico, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Lithuania, United States, United Kingdom

Deluxe Brows® – Deluxe Beauty Group, INC

Deluxe Brows® – Deluxe Beauty Group, INC

Deluxe Brows® is registered brand in the United States and Europe.

We are an American based permanent makeup company incorporated as Deluxe Beauty Group, Inc.

Deluxe Brows® is the first company to introduce manual permanent makeup and present the signature manual shading techniques, genuine NanoStroking™ and NanoShading™ with specially designed needles, in US.

Successful branches in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Sweden and South Africa. Deluxe Brows® Instructors proudly represent the Deluxe Brows®brand and all carefully developed techniques and products.

Owner of the Deluxe Brows brand, Aleksandra Maniuse, was the first to create a line of unique products specific to permanent makeup.  These include:

Sterile Pack, Disposable Futurity Nano Tools, Nano Needles, Sticky Rulers, Pre-Made Brow Mapping Thread, Single Use Sterile Pigments for Microblading, and a Practice Book. She continues to work on developing new techniques, methods and products to help the PMU artists worldwide.

Deluxe Brows® proudly delivers unique technician preparation and on-line training courses.With a wide variety of online modules, DB students garner the amazing benefits of  electing to learn in whole, or in part, from home, with guided practice in comprehensive, top quality basic training.  Very few programs can make the promise to prepare students for certification and industry success with distance education programming.  We can, because of high expectations, intensive curriculum, and learning support.

Last, but not least, Deluxe Brows Brand is dedicated to raising the bar in the PMU industry, pushing it to a higher level in professional and peaceful cooperation.

Follow our next amazing project – ThePermanent Reunion. International Permanent Makeup Congress and PMU Battle in Las Vegas.


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Here’s what they say about us

Jessica Nannete Sierra

First I would like to thank all my classmates, Aleksandra and Val for being so supportive, fun and inspirational. It felt great to be in a room surrounded by people who not only have the same passion and drive BUT everyone I was surrounded by cheered everyone else on! No negativity and I love it!

Now for the training just WOW! Aleksandra is so talented and you can tell she loves to share all her knowledge and wants us all to be successful. The location in Tarzana (Los Angeles) which is brand spanking New was so clean, organized and comfortable. There was easy parking, which is not normal in LA) and a lot of things locally for caffeine and snacks. The kit we received is jam packed with a ton of products to get us started in our Microblading career. Not only that but they provided some items when we started training so we didn’t have to dip into our kit products. The manual is easy to navigate through with tons of info and the online module helped give me a better understanding of what I was going to do in class. Communication with Deluxe Brows via email was quick and gave me all the info I needed to get registered in my city and what else I need to start my biz! I would def recommend this course to anyone looking into microblading and I plan on taking more advanced training with Aleksandra when I can. Thank You Deluxe Brows!

Christine Chau

I couldn’t be happier with the training I received from Aleksandra. I researched a lot of trainers in my state and even some out, and Deluxe Brows made me feel the most assured. Aleksandra is not only skilled in her craft but extremely knowledgeable about running a business and gave solid advice.

Prior to the training I was not able to decipher between good work vs not so good or pick up on flaws; but now Aleks’s work is the standard in which I compare all others. I don’t regret choosing Deluxe Brows at all and would definitely look into taking more courses with them.

Manda Lynn

I just finished the first class for fundamental training in the Los Angeles area. I came from Northern California to learn from Aleksandra. It was worth every penny. I am proud and honored to say where I did my training. Doing the extra homework before the class really helped me.

I saw a huge improvement from the homework to how Alex helped me in class. She is so patient and understanding. She answered all questions and still continues to keep in contact with the group. I miss my class already. I wish it could have lasted longer. The office is nice and clean. I felt comfortable and confident in class with the help from Alex. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go back for the fifth day.

Catherine Martin Peck

I had such an amazing experience training with Deluxe Brows-Aleksandra. Their training far exceeded my expectations. It amazed me how much time she spent with each one of us to make sure we understood the topic before moving on to another.Aleksandra is so patient, kind and passionate…

about her work and it shows through her encouragement and ability to connect with each student. I can’t say enough great things about the training, Instructor and the facility. I would highly recommend it! I will definitely be returning for additional training.

Jackie Batts

I wish there were better words to explain how amazing the master Nano shading/stroking class taught by Alexandra was! Her passion, knowledge and experience is awe inspiring! Her love of teaching, her genuine concern and care of her students understanding of the material…

and helping them to implement it into their work is beyond exceptional! The attention to detail and Alex’s calm and cool demeanor while teaching cutting edge and ground breaking material, is nothing I’ve ever encountered. Truly a one of a kind and beyond exceptional education taught by an exceptionally amazing, inspirational and incredibly qualified woman!

Chinh Le

I’m truly happy that I chose to learn microblading with Deluxe Brows. I was fortunate to be trained by Aleksandra. She was extremely kind, lovely, and patient when I needed her assistance. The four day course was intense, however the online 6 month support was extremely helpful. It’s a lot…

of information to remember just in four days, however having that support is extremely beneficial to review what you have learned. I also wanted to mention the kit that you’ll receive with the course is awesome! There are so much pigments and supplies that you will last you a while! I love that Aleksandra truly wants you to succeed and will continue to help you the best she can.


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