Deluxe Brows® Fundamental Training Preparation Agreement II

All Deluxe Brows®  training participants are asked to complete this form as a part of the registration process. Please fill all the required fields.

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Please take your time to read the important information about your upcoming class

The class you are taking is very intense and focused on the model practice. In order to fulfill your expectations, you are required to take it extremely seriously and complete ALL the mandatory preparation with homework.  

I understand and agree with all of the above

CANCELATION. We reserve the rights to postpone your training if you show up unprepared. We won’t accept any excuses for  not completing homework/theory reading requirements like family issues, medical issues (unless there is a doctors note), pets issues, time issues, wifi/internet issues, practice issues, etc. If your homework is not approved, we reserve the rights to cancel the practice on live models and/or participation in class in general

I understand and agree with all of the above

NO REFUNDS. We won’t consider ANY refunds on flights, hotels, reservations, booking fees, homework supplies received, online modules etc. We won’t be issuing any kind of refund if the student fails to complete the mandatory preparation and homework, which will also cause cancellation of the model practice, due to the lack of practice and experience needed. In the case of failure, postponement, or cancelation – a new registration fee for the next available class will be required.

I understand and agree with all of the above

Students will be  coming to this class to improve skills previously gained during preparation and homework and learn new ones. Students should not attend to complete homework or learn the material that should be learned before the live portion of the class.

Students must study the webinars and online modules, take notes, understand the steps, rules and be fully prepared with the information given before the live portion.

I understand and agree with all of the above

WE COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THAT ALL OF THE ABOVE MAY SOUND OVERWHELMING AND IT DEFINITELY CAN BE! However, everything is possible if one truly wants to learn and is taking this training with full responsibility and commitment. In case you are not ready for such intense training please contact us and cancel or postpone your class immediately. We truly wouldn’t want to waste your time and cause upsetting, unpleasant and really expensive consequences. We are extremely focused on quality and are not willing to upset anyone.

I understand and agree with all of the above

If you decided to continue CONGRATULATIONS on committing to work towards this goal. Here are a few steps for you to proceed:


You are required to complete the Bloodborne Borne Pathogens training and obtain the Body Art Practitioner Permit to perform permanent makeup treatment on your models during practice and there will be no exceptions.

You need to submit to San Diego’s Department of Environmental Health - body art division a copy of everything on this list to apply for your body art permit:

  1. Bloodborne pathogen certificate, which can be completed online at . On the menu please choose California.
  3. Hep B declination form (if you currently don’t have your hep b vaccination and would like to decline at this time) click here
  4. Practitioner Location of Operation Agreement click here
  5. Copy of your ID

The San Diego County health department’s registration has a fee of ~$100, which is due to obtain the permit. Make sure to bring your permit to class.

I understand and agree with all of the above

*Please visit Online Academy website

The account is already set up for you. To log in go to
First time logging in click on lost password and write in your email.
Username: your email
**Password: please click “Lost Password” and create your new personal password

*Your course will be added to your account after and only after you submit the signed agreement.
**If you have any trouble setting up the password, email [email protected] and we will set it up for you.

I understand and agree with all of the above


To complete all your homework and get ready properly and on time you need AT LEAST 2 weeks. Do not leave everything for the last few days as you are risking losing your spot and registration fee.

Theory. There will be a test given to you on the first day of class. Please make sure you study ALL the material well.

Practice. Follow the Online module for your practice assignments. You are required to fill out ALL the templates on paper and latex and submit at [email protected]

*The necessary material will be mailed out to you after your registration. Start reading the theory portion online and complete the BBP and permits until you get everything in the mail.

I understand and agree with all of the above


For the remaining balance choose the remaining balance option online at

I understand and agree with all of the above


9 am to 4 pm

9 am - 12 am Theory/Practice
12 pm - 12:30 pm Break
12:30 pm - 1 pm Treatment Room Set Up
Model arrives 12:45 pm
1 pm - 4 pm Hands on Model

Model days may sometimes run late.

I understand and agree with all of the above


To prepare for this class you should:

  1. Read the Book of Knowledge 

  2. Watch and learn all the related webinars

  3. Complete ALL the theory and practice units online

  4. Be familiar with the treatment room set up and break down

  5. Pass the test click here You need to answer the questions related with your program only

  6. Sharpen your pencils using the video instructions and bring all of them to class Online Module - "Sharpen the Pencil"
  7. Bring all the given supplies, including the device (if you are taking machine training), book and homework with you.

I understand and agree with all of the above

*Model practice schedule may vary.

** No slippers or open shoes are allowed during training. Make sure to tie your hair up.

I understand and agree with all of the above


Deluxe Brows Microblading Training Center

2535 Camino Del Rio S,

Suite 140

San Diego, CA, 92108

Google maps direction to the location: Click here

I understand and agree with all of the above


Please read our "Privacy Policy" to understand how we collect, use and protect your personal information.

I have read and accepted Deluxe Brows privacy policy.

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