What are the basic differences between device-based hair technique and microblading 6D hair technique?

The main difference is the instrument used. The device-based technique involves using a device which is plugged into an electrical outlet to generate vibrations causing the needle to vibrate. The vibration intensity can be adjusted. In order to draw a straight, filled line, we have to make several streaks using the device or to make a move using the device particularly slowly. Otherwise, the line will seem as it was a dotted line. Dots can be expected on oily, thick skin with extensive pores. The relief of such skin is uneven, rough, therefore the intensity of the line may vary. The image of a realistic hair is one of the most important things when drawing a hair on the skin, i.e. a tapering tip of the hair, a thicker middle and a curved shape. Drawing a thin hair in a shape like this using a device is possible, but it is rather difficult. A hair will not be curved enough or will it be too thick when drawn using a device.

It is important to note that device-based micropigmentation is not suitable for clients with implanted pacemakers or having other severe heart disorders.

In case of microblading 6D hair technique hair is draw using a pencil-like tool containing a blade with small needles. The blade insertion depth and the shape being drawn are completely controlled by the artist’s hand movement, therefore drawing hairs of desired length and curve is easy. The number of the needles on the blade is selected taking into account the desired effect and the blade itself is particularly thin.

The insertion depth can be the same in case of both device-based method and microblading method, therefore the result can remain for an equally long period.

When microblading technique is used for drawing hairs, we can achieve the effect of shadowing, the effect of different shades, the effect of different thickness of the hairs and do all this without making the already drawn hair thicker. Therefore, the achieved result will be extremely similar to natural hairs arranged in layers rather than individually drawn hairs.

Microblading technique is characteristic of particularly strict arrangement of hairs. In this way we achieve a very natural but long-lasting effect.

Microblading 6D hair technique


Information about device-based micropigmentation was provided by micropigmentologist Ramute Skrebuniene,  with many years of experience.

Author of the article: Microblading Master/Trainer Aleksandra Maniuse