Deluxe Brows® Microblading founder and trainer



Beauty therapist practice from 2008. –  Hygienic and Decorative Cosmetology Technician, Health care faculty, Vilnius College; University College Birmingham – Salon Management

  • Deluxe Brows Micro-blading Founder/Trainer. Director of Ltd. DL GroupEyelash Extensions and Eyebrows microblading training and products
  • Founder of Deluxe Brows Academy San Diego, CA
  • Licensed as a Permanent Makeup Artist in California and Florida.
  • Level 3 Teacher Training Award
  • President of first Baltic association of lash and brow artists – LBAB.
  • Member of “Permanent Make up Society”
  • Judge at TIPMCC International Microblading Championship
  • TIPMCC Recognition Award for Commitment, Dedication and Outstanding Performance
  • Organizer of LBAB Volume Eyelash Extension Championship.
  • New “2 steps microblading technique” creator.
  • Author of microblading and eyelash extension tutorials and training certification system that is approved by ABT International.
  • Judge at championships in Lithuania, Poland and Italy.
  • Part of the Lash Master2 book.
  • Distributor of Biotic Phocea medical pigments in Baltic States.
  • Trained more then 200 students worldwide.



  • May 2014 – Advanced training course, Italy “Lash & Brow Academy” Eyebrow Reconstruction and Microblading (5 days course)
  • 2015 – Advanced training course, Malaysia Florence Wong – Eyebrow Microblading “The 6 Steps” (3 days course)
  • March 2015 – Permanent make up course “Microblading – Natural Eyebrow”, Eyeliner &  lips device technique – Hong Kong/China (10 days course)
  • May 2015 – Microblading Eyeliner Course with Florence Wong (1 day) July 2015 – Advanced course – High Level – 3 in 1, Hyper realistic Fluffy technique, EsteticLine (1 day)
  • July 2015 – Advanced training course Branco Babic Microblading Academy (2 days)
  • October 2015 Master Class Branco Babic Microblading Academy (2 days)
  • January 2016 Microblading World Conference, Amsterdam (2 days)
  • January 2016 Permanent Make Up Conference Greece (3 days)
  • May 2016 Permanent Make Up Conference TIPMCC (3 days)
  • May 2016 Advanced training course Orsini & Belfatto “ADVANCED & CORRECTIVE”

During her long-term practice in Lithuania, UK/Birmingham, Melbourne and Thailand Aleksandra have faced with huge variety of skins from type I to type VI. Each of them from very pale almost transparent complexion to green, yellow, orange and even very dark tones was totally different in several aspects. This gave a lot of knowledge regarding the influence of skin structure on healing results and treatment subtleties itself.

After long journey, different knowledge during worldwide trainings and her own experience Aleksandra decided to choose the best things that she learned and created, combine everything and introduce her own style of working and teaching.