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1 week ago

As I received many questions after posting this picture, I'll post it here. There is a difference not only in amount of needles in your "microblades" but how thick and how close/far they are set from each other. As thinner the needles a...

By microblading_deluxebrows0
2 weeks ago

One of the manual shading methods - “SwingTap”. Performed with angled nano needles. Develops very soft and gentle powder result. 2-3 passes only are needed. The result last about a year. Works the best in combination with strokes...

By microblading_deluxebrows14
1 month ago

Are you still feeling lost? Have you finished the Manual Permanent Makeup/Microblading class and still struggling? The Nano Master Class is an advanced class that consists of the summary of most important topics together with the newest...

By microblading_deluxebrows2
1 month ago

Here is some help with the brow shape. I often receive questions about the shape our clients sometimes comes with. How should we fix it? Should we wax or tweeze everything before treatment as client shape is not correct? Usually these ...

By microblading_deluxebrows4
2 months ago

Learning different styles is so important. Strokes Shading Microblading Ombre Brows Combination of strokes and shadow... Each client needs something different It's our responsibility to advice our clients what is best for their skin ty...

By microblading_deluxebrows4
2 months ago

Doing a ? Here are some ! •Longer - 7/10cm •Thicker 8/12mm •Less arched on top and almost straight at the bottom •Shorter tail - 2/3-3/4 •No thin tails 📍Always follow the natural direction of real hairs. If...

By microblading_deluxebrows5
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