Deluxe Brows® Microblading founder and trainer



  • Beauty therapist practice since 2008 –  Hygienic and Decorative Cosmetics Technician Bachelor degree, Health care medical faculty, Vilnius College;
  • University College Birmingham – Salon Management
  • Gained knowledge in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Estonia, Italy
  • Deluxe Brows Manual Permanent Make Up Founder/Trainer
  • Founder of Deluxe Brows Academy in San Diego, California
  • Licensed as a Permanent Makeup Artist in California and Florida.
  • Level 3 Teacher Training Award
  • President of first Baltic Association of lash and brow artists – LBAB
  • President of non-profitable PMU Consumer Organization, USA
  • Member of “Permanent Make up Society”
  • TIPMCC Recognition Award for Commitment, Dedication, and Outstanding Performance
  • The author of training manuals and training certification system that is approved by ABT International, Ireland.
  • The author of “Practice book”
  • Organizer of LBAB Championship.
  • Trained students worldwide in UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines.
  • International speaker in worldwide conferences such as Mexico, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Lithuania, United States
Upcoming Events
  • 2017 June Italy Milan – Demo show at Biotek International Conference. “NanoStroking” Demo
  • 2017 July Lithuania – Speaker at Permanent Makeup and Microblading Conference. ” Combination Technique”
  • 2017 July Las Vegas, USA – Instructor at Cosmoprof  “Combination Technique”
  • 2017 October 1-5th Cancun, Mexico – Speaker at PMU Congress Mexico, Asociación Mexicana de Micropigmentación A.C
  • 2017 November  Dubai – Speaker at Silam Business Congress  
  • 2017 December Russia, Kazan Speaker at Permanent Makeup Conference
  • 2018 February 11/13th Sault Lake City, USA – Everlasting PMU and Microblading Conference 
  • 2018 March 3/4 United Kingdom  – Speaker at “The 2018 UK Permanent Makeup Conference” 
  • 2018 April 9/10th Brazil – Speaker at 4th International Congress of Dermopigmentation
  • Patented NanoStroking and NanoShading Techniques
  • Magic Ruler – Innovative Eyebrow Measurement Tool for Brow Design
  • Special design disposable manual permanent make up tool “Futurity”
  • 5 Innovative pigment filling methods
  • “2 steps” technique for a perfect eyebrow shape, and strokes placement
  • Manual shading technique
  • Unique Online Training System
  • Custom designed needles for manual shading and feather techniques
  • Cricket movement for manual shading
  • Sticky eyebrow design measurement tool
  • The first Online training module for manual permanent make up, which includes manual shading, natural strokes and combined techniques.
  • Professional 4 day fundamental manual permanent make up trainings, combined with intensive 10 day online preparation module, and 6 months support.
  • Aleksandra Maniuse, the founder and owner of the Deluxe Brows brand – is the author of the first manual permanent make up book called “Hidden PMU Secrets” The book will be launched in 2017.
  • 2014 Italy– Advanced training course,  “Lash & Brow Academy” Eyebrow Reconstruction and Microblading (5 days course)
  • 2015 Malaysia – Advanced training course,  Florence Wong – Eyebrow Microblading “The 6 Steps” (3 days course)
  • 2015 Hong Kong/China – Permanent make up course “Microblading – Natural Eyebrow”, Eyeliner &  lips device technique –  (10 days course)
  • 2015 Malaysia– Microblading Eyeliner Course with Florence Wong (1 day)
  • 2015 Estonia – Advanced course – High Level – 3 in 1, Hyper realistic Fluffy technique, EsteticLine (1 day)
  • 2016 Amsterdam – Microblading World Conference (2 days)
  • 2016 Greece – Permanent Make Up Conference (3 days)
  • 2016 Poland – Speaker and judge Permanent Make Up Conference TIPMCC (3 days)
  • 2016 Berlin – Permanent International Congress for Permanent Cosmetics
  • 2016 Lithuania – Speaker and Judge at Microblading and PMU Conference Baltic
  • Judge at TIPMCC International Microblading Championship
  • 2016 Brazil – Speaker and Judge at Permanent Make Up Conference AS PMU Resort “NanoStroking” Presentation
  • 2017 May Dublin – Judge and Speaker at CELTIC conference
  • 2017 May Israel, Tel Aviv  – Speaker at PMU Paradise Congress. “NanoStroking” Presentation, Demo
  • 2017 June Poland, Warsaw – Speaker at TIPMCC Conference. “NanoStroking” “NanoShading” Presentation, Demo

Deluxe Brows – Deluxe Beauty Group, US

The first company that introduced manual permanent make up treatment and products in Baltic States.

The first PMU company that expanded their business in the US, and opened academies for PMU trainings in California and Pennsylvania. A Training center in Miami is scheduled to launch at the end of 2016.

Deluxe Brows has 7 international trainers working in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Lithuania and Italy. Trainers proudly represents Deluxe Brows techniques and products.

Deluxe Beauty Group is the first company worldwide that created and introduced a unique manual shading technique, with specially designed needles.

Deluxe Brows is the first manual permanent make up company to introduce single dose, medical, sterile pigments for microblading.

Deluxe Brows pigments formulation contains propanediol as a main preservative, and lactic acid as a PH balancer. Our pigments are proudly manufactured by a medical laboratory in France.
Aleksandra also proudly represents the association for PMU and eyelash extensions in Baltic’s – LBAB, which has already launched in the US, as a non-profitable PMU Consumer Organization.

Last but not least, Deluxe Brows is  company that is in dedicated to taking our industry to a higher level, with professional and peaceful cooperation.