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Permanent Makeup, Microblading & Tattoo Removal Training

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Tattoo Removal Fee – $1000
Non-refundable Deposit – $500
Tattoo Removal Fee – 780GBP
Non-refundable Deposit – 380GBP

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Tattoo Removal Fee – 1500NZD
Non-refundable Deposit – 750NZD

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Tattoo Removal Fee – 1200AUD
Non-refundable Deposit – 600AUD
SYDNEY, AU 8th of April


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WHAT IS ALKALINE PIGMENT REMOVAL? Non Laser Alkaline Remover for Microblading, Permanent Makeup and Tattoo is fast, highly effective, comfortable, gentle to the skin, minimal invasive, safe for all FitzPatrick skin types.

The product is non-saline and acid-free. Anesthetic is used during the treatment making it very tolerable.  A removal treatment can often be performed without any discomfort at all.

Alkaline Pigment Removal will not cause scars or inflammation.  It will remove all colors, all pigment types and results are immediately visible.  The age of the tattoo does not matter.  The removal procedure can be performed with a permanent makeup device or a manual tool.  Special after-care products are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: this course is available only to experienced permanent makeup or microblading artists.


Full pack of knowledge and products for successful treatment


PIGMENT REMOVAL PRODUCTS Alkaline-based safe removal product


PIGMENT REMOVAL AFTER CARE Special formulation of after-care to maintain the result, ensure fast and safe healing and comfort


INTRODUCTION TO DIFFERENT REMOVAL PRODUCTS Difference between saline, acid, alkaline and other removal ingredients. Pros and Cons.


LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS During the training you will see live treatment demonstrations showing removal treatments on different parts of the face.


WORLDWIDE CERTIFICATION Each certificate will be secured in our online system. Your clients will be able to find you in any area you work.


PRODUCTS RETAIL After completion of the course, you will be able to purchase additional products for removal treatment including after-care products for retail, with a special discount. Products are available for certified artists only.

terms and conditions

This is a very intensive course that requires your attention, passion and time.

This course is for experienced permanent makeup, microblading or tattooing artist.

(you will also receive an agreement application that must be signed and send back before starting the course):


Pigment Removal Training

  • Importance of skin anatomy while working with removal
  • Removal of microblading, permanent makeup and body tattoo
  • Cons and pros of different removal methods
  • How to treat the skin after laser treatments
  • Specific movement for each part of the face and body
  • Correct healing and after care process
  • Pigment composition. Size of the molecules
  • Scars and how to treat damaged skin structure


Pigment Removal Results

  • ALOOR® Removal product is suitable for all types of small tattoos on the body and face;
  • Safe for eyes, lips and eyebrows;
  • Completely safe for all types of skin and all FitzPatrick types without any risk of hyper/hypo-pigmentation;
  • Alkaline-based pigment removal product  - non-acidic composition;
  • Performed manually or with the machine;
  • Easy and fast to use. The average treatment takes 30 minutes;
  • Economical package that will cover at least 20 treatments;
  • Made and certified in Europe. Approved and insured in the US by PPIB.