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Online Microblading and Microshading Training

Finally we combined Microblading Fundamental and Manual Ombre Shading Modules Online! Now it’s all in one!
Deluxe Brows® Training contains all permanent make up basics, including skin anatomy, healing process, correct depth, different pigment filling methods, eyebrows design, several measurement methods, color theory and more important information for best knowledge and practice. Expert Plus kit is now included in this package. And most important all online students are able to participate in physical courses by paying the balance.
Full curriculum can be found here

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Color Theory, Color Removal, Old Permanent Make up Correction, Manual and Device shading methods.

This class is dedicated for those who are struggling with technique and are looking for new improved methods for better healed results.

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PMU Congress in Brazil

Aleksandra Maniušė will present her Deluxe Brows® microblading technique in AS PMU Resort Congress , Brazil.

We invite you to join this fantastic event – November 20-25th, 2016

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New Deluxe Brows® 5 days Fundamental Microblading and Microshading Training.

Fundamental and advanced manual permanent make up trainings, combined with an intensive and mandatory 10 day online preparation module, 6 months online access and unlimited online support.

All Deluxe Brows students who have successfuly finished exam on artificial skins are able to participate at the 5th practice day!

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Glamcor MONO Light. Available in US warehouse.

The MONO Light is a single, powerfully bright, new daylight lamp with two dimming settings. Our LED technology is packed into this beautiful design, and it is geared to provide PREMIUM illumination to our lash and nail technicians.

Work under the crisp white light to see the details of your work. The attached table stand can be attached to any table or cart/trolley. Before and after photography of your work under this light is guaranteed to be perfect.

• Manicure/Nail
• Lash
• Tattoo
#glamcor #ledlight Press for purchase

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Aleksandra Maniušė article about Microblading in popular Permanent Magazine.
As Permanent Magazine and its idea is growing Worldwide Paula Osinkowska decided to change the name to “Permanent Knowledge”. This publication is not a random press you can purchase in a store. It is a book full of knowledge shared by the best artists in the industry. You should not miss any of the issues. Newest issue available here


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