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    • Aloor® Vertuo


      Simply the best for all your needs!

      Aloor® Vertuo will cut your PMU treatment time in half!

      Exceptional non-traumatic machine with Adjustable Hit and Shock Absorbing system.

      • Adjustable Hit (cam ~0-3.5mm) – perfect for all skin types and techniques. Easy control of how hard or soft the needle hits, depending on the skin type artist is working with.
      • “Shock Absorbing” non-traumatic system for a soft “landing” on the skin and gentle implantation. Helps achieve consistent depth through the whole movement. Fewer chances going “too deep” / traumatizing the skin.
      • Very powerful  – will implant more pigment in just one pass comparing to other machines.
      • Adjustable Speed
      • Adjustable Needle Length (works great with short (1.5-2mm) and long (up to 3.5mm) needle length)
      • Super Tiny Pen – 0.63-inch x 35.5 inch
      • Very Light and easy to maneuver (78 g / 2.75 oz)
      • Works with universal cartridges (Aloor Vertuo, Kwadron, Vertix)
      • Perfect for details  – strokes, lines, pixels
      • All parts except cords are handcrafted in Europe

      What is included:

      Pen, control power supply, 2 x cords, and case.

      The Aloor® Vertuo handpiece can only be used with the Aloor® Vertuo power supply.

      Works best with Aloor® Vertuo cartridges, as well as Kwadron, Vertix, and similar softer membrane cartridges.


      This machine is for professional use only. To prevent back-flow and cross-contamination of internal mechanisms should be used with membrane cartridges ONLY. All machine body components not subject to normal wear and tear will be covered under warranty for the life of the machine. The motor warranty will be covered for 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty will be void for all cord damages.

      This warranty will be void if the machine shows signs of having been handled roughly, repeatedly dropped, overexposed to moisture, been used with non-membrane needle cartridges, or cosmetically damaged resulting in compromised functionality.

    • Deluxe Brows® Expert Plus Kit


      Deluxe Brows® Expert Plus Kit Sterile Medical grade pigments: 5 x Deluxe Brows® pigments 10ml each Pigment Booster Aloor® Amby Pen + Power Supply  Aloor® […]

    • Deluxe Brows® Machine Shading Ombre Kit


      Deluxe Brows® Machine Shading/Ombre Kit Sterile Medical grade pigments: 3 x Deluxe Brows® pigments 10ml each Pigment Booster Aloor® Amby Pen + Power supply  Aloor® […]

    • Deluxe Brows® Microblading Kit


      Deluxe Brows® Microblading Kit Sterile Medical grade pigments: 3 x Deluxe Brows® pigments 10ml each Booster 10ml Manual Loose Needles: 3 x NanoStroking Needles (20 […]

    • Pigment Removal/Lightening Solution


      Aloor® Alkaline Removal/Lightening Solution For Microblading and Permanent Makeup Lightening and Removal Alkaline solution ~11pH Removes/Lightens any color, pigment, ink, tattoo Works great for old […]

    • Amby PMU Pen by Aloor®


        Permanent Makeup Pen Machine for Cosmetic Tattoo   The newest creation by Aloor®. Perfect for beginners and advanced users. This pen is well balanced […]

    • GLAMCOR Classic Revolution



      The world’s top professionals won’t leave home without it.

      Introducing the completely redesigned Classic Elite with HD Daylight lighting. The Classic is an international best seller to makeup, lash, hair, tattoo, airbrush/body painting, and beauty professionals.

    • Deluxe Brows® Henna Brow Art Expert+ Set


      Henna Brow Art is a natural brown dye made from plants. It gives natural tinting with the temporary tattoo effect on the skin. Natural Henna has no ammonia and not requires hydrogen peroxide to take its effect. Henna stays on the skin up to 2 weeks and tints the hairs for up to 6 weeks.

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