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    • Deluxe Brows® Nanostroking / Nanoshading / Ultra Needles


      Microblading Needles

      • Sterile (Sterilization certificate)
      • Single Use
      • Lot number
      • Expiration Date
      • Stainless Steel
      • High-quality sharp blades


      • New! Ultra (0.15mm) Angled – 14 pins
      • New! Ultra (0.15mm) Oval (U) – 18 pins
      • Nano (0.18mm) Angled – 11pins
      • Nano (0.18mm) Angled – 16pins
      • Nano (0.18mm) Oval (U) – 18pins


      • Slanted Double Shader – 12pins

      Package contains: 20pcs.




    • 10ml Deluxe Brows® Microblading and PMU Pigments

      • Sterile
      • Medical
      • High saturated colors
      • Ready to use. Do not need to mix with modifiers.
      • European Certified
      • Made in France
      • Easy drop sterile package
      • Pigments that do not dry out for 24 hours
      • Vegan
      • Cruelty Free


    • 5 pcs x Disposable FUTURITY Microblading Tool + Needle

      • Changeable Needles
      • 20% Sharper NANO Needles
      • Protective cap
      • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
      • Flexible or Hard
      • Sterile EO Gas
      • Single Use
      • Safe individual package
      • LOT number on each package
      • Expiration date on each package
    • Deluxe Brows® Brow Mapping Sticky Symmetry Ruler


      Deluxe Brows® Brow Mapping Sticky rulers for symmetry measurement.

      #DeluxeBrows #stickyrulers for precise #BrowsMapping.



      ORIGINAL PLUS for detailed symmetry with the BASIC UP PATTERN

      CURVED PLUS (with the shape of the brow top) for detailed symmetry plus beautiful arch and tail shape with RAINBOW PATTERN

      SMART PLUS (with the measurements for the tail) for detailed symmetry plus precise tails with BASIC DOWN PATTERN



      ORIGINAL for detailed symmetry

      SMART (with the measurements for the tail) for detailed symmetry plus precise tails

      CURVED (with the shape of the brow top) for detailed symmetry plus beautiful arch and tail shape

      Apply your sticky ruler on clean and dry skin. Make a gentle peel if skin is flaky. This will ensure your ruler stays perfect on the skin during the treatment. Make sure the violet central line of the ruler is exactly on your client’s central part of nose and forehead. Draw equal shape for both eyebrows regarding measurements on the ruler. You can leave ruler for whole treatment or remove it after you will finish the pencil shape.

    • Deluxe Brows® Pre-made Eyebrow Mapping Thread/String


      Deluxe Brows® Pre-made Thread/String for precise #BrowMapping Tired of covering the thread before each treatment? We’ve got you covered! Pre-made threads are ready to go. Just take one […]

    • Aloor® Basic Cartridge Needles


      New Safety Membrane

      • NEW! 1RL 0.25 membrane cartridges – perfect for strokes, shading and pointillism
      • NEW! 1RL 0.30 membrane cartridges – perfect for shading and pointillism
      • NEW! 3RS 0.25 membrane cartridges – perfect for pixelated shading
    • 2 pcs x LidoEphrine Gel


      For use before and during a pain sensitive permanent makeup procedures.

      • Reduce swelling, bruising, bleeding, calms down sensitive / irritated skin
      • Temporarily relieves:
        • uncomfortable feeling on the irritated skin
        • constant itching
        • swelling or stinging during permanent makeup procedures
    • Deluxe Brows® Practice Set by Aleksandra Maniuse


      Practice Book contains:

      • Eyebrow mapping schemes (pages 1/7)
      • Eyebrow structure schemes (pages 8/11)
      • Eyebrow mapping templates (pages 12/13)
      • Hair strokes rules and examples (pages 14/15)
      • Front Hairs strokes examples (pages 16/17)
      • 4 hair strokes patterns “step by step” (pages 18/38)
      • Main manual method rules (pages 40/41)
      • 2x Eyebrow shading templates (pages 42/43)
      • Empty brow templates for practice (pages 44/47)
      • Notes with the practice face (pages 48/52)
      • Pages for notes (pages 52/68)
    • Aloor® Face Masks / Shields



      Aloor® Face Mask

      Protective mask for permanent makeup and beauty procedures


      Covered with the protective film which should be removed before usage.


      White Color

      Antifog Face Shields



      Adjustable Straps

    • Aloor® SPF CareBalm


        By Aloor®   Supreme quality, all natural after care balm with SPF for LIPS and BROWS Best quality European medical after care. Absolutely safe […]

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