PMU Device

    • 2 x Aloor® Vertuo Cord


      2 x Aloor® Vertuo cords for the Aloor® Vertuo machine. 1.8 m / 5.9 ft

    • Aloor® Vertuo


      Exceptional machine with Adjustable Hit and Shock Absorbing system.

      • Adjustable Hit (cam ~0-3.5mm) – for all skin types and techniques. Allows to control how hard or soft the needle hits the skin.
      • “Shock Absorbing” system for a soft “landing” on the skin and gentle implantation. Helps achieve the consistent depth through the whole movement.
      • Adjustable Speed
      • Adjustable Needle Length
      • Super Tiny Pen – 0.63 inch x 35.5 inch
      • Very Light and easy to maneuver (78 g / 2.75 oz)
      • Works with universal cartridges
      • Perfect for details  – strokes, lines, pixels
      • Powerful to pack more colour for intense look
      • All parts except cords are handcrafted in Europe
    • Aloor® Basic Cartridge Needles


      New Safety Membrane

      • NEW! 1RL 0.25 membrane cartridges – perfect for strokes, shading and pointillism
      • NEW! 1RL 0.30 membrane cartridges – perfect for shading and pointillism
      • NEW! 3RS 0.25 membrane cartridges – perfect for pixelated shading
    • Aloor™ Basic Machine for Permanent Makeup

      • Powerful yet very precise digital device for brows, lips and eyes
      • Great for removal treatments
      • Adjustable needle length 0.1mm to 2.0mm
      • Adjustable and automatic speed
      • Very quiet and lightweight
      • Almost no vibration

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