Deluxe Brows® Microblading – OMBRE Kit


Deluxe Brows® Manual Ombre Starter Kit

Sterile Medical grade pigments:

  • 2x Deluxe Brows® pigments 10ml each

Manual Loose Needles:

  • 40x NanoShading Needles

Futurity Disposable Tools:

  • 10x Disposable Tool Holders
  • 10x Futurity needles

Brow mapping tools:

  • 1x Eyebrow Pencils “Soft/Medium”
  • 1x Brow Sketch Pencils “Medium/Hard”
  • 1x Magic Ruler
  • 1x Curved Plastic Ruler
  • 10 x Sticky Symmetry Rulers

After Care:

  • 1x Passion Care
  • 1x Healing Pomade
  • 5x After Care cards

Treatment tools and Extras :

  • 1x Small Stainless Steel Tools
  • 1x Silicone Skins with Deluxe Brows Pattern
  • 1x Silicone Skins with measurements
  • Pen/Pencil Set
  • Small Case

For professional use only.

In stock

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