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Learn how to use sketch application to create stunning videos and templates!

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Creating templates and videos with iPad

Learn how to:

  • Draw/map the shape using your clients pictures
  • Draw the strokes/shading/lips/liner using your clients pictures
  • Create new shapes
  • Create new templates
  • Create transformation videos
  • Create step by steps hair-strokes/shaping videos

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What is included?

  • Downloadable png files with for brow, lips and liner shapes

What will you learn?

  • How to create a png/jpg file (pattern or picture) using the style of your choice
  • How to create a video using the style of your choice

How will that work?

  • Aleksandra Maniuse is going to do 2-2.5 hours Live video tutorials using an iPad (tablet compatible with pencil will work too)
  • Video tutorial will teach you step by step actions on how to create a template/picture/video using Adobe and SketchBook applications

How to register?

  • You can purchase the Marathon anytime and watch the recorded sessions.
  • Receive a confirmation email and click the given link to join the group
  • The videos will be posted in the private Facebook group.

What will you need?

  • iPad or tablet with the pencil
  • Applications (you will receive a list of applications to download)


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