LidoEphrine Gel

LidoEphrine Gel


LidoEphrine Gel

For use before and during a pain sensitive permanent makeup procedures.

  • Reduce swelling, bruising, bleeding, calms down sensitive / irritated skin
  • Temporarily relieves:
    • uncomfortable feeling on the irritated skin
    • constant itching
    • swelling or stinging during permanent makeup procedures




  • Apply sparingly to affected area
  • The product is ineffective when applied to intact skin
  • Wait until anesthetic effect occurs (2-5min)
  • Occluding is not necessary
  • Stays active for 40-50 minutes
  • Do not use more than once in 45 minutes

Before treatment:

  • Apply after mapping inside the shape without touching the pencil line
  • Tap in the product with any single-use needle that will be used later on for the initial procedure
  • Leave on for 4-5min
  • Gently tap with the tissue
  • Start the treatment

During the treatment:

  • Gently apply a thin layer
  • Leave on for 2 minutes
  • Wipe off and continue the treatment


5% Lidocaine and Epinephrine.

Store in cool dry place. Close tightly.

Net. 1oz.


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