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Deluxe Lashes NATURAL TYPE Eyelashes 0.15mm
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Product Details

NATURAL TYPE eyelashes according to it structure are similar to natural hair. 



Deluxe Lashes natural type and mink type eyelashes are crafted according to special microfiber technology which ensures especially strong adhesion with natural eyelash. Used material is very similar to natural hair and is especially strong and elastic, has bright colour and delicate gloss.

Individual - single eyelashes, scattered on a soft surface. The structure of Natural Type eyelashes are similar to natural hair. They are not perfectly polished, so look especially natural. Elastic, soft, glossy, stable shape with natural or more curved curl. Tapered end creates natural and expressive look. Colour - black.


0.15mm thick eyelashes look especially natural. Mascara effect on eyelashes.


J (Curved - naturally curved) and C (Extra Curved - extra curved) 
7 - 15mm long.

~2500pc in a box.

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