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Deluxe Brows® by Aleksandra Maniuse 2018

All Deluxe Brows® online training participants are asked to complete the following agreement as a part of the registration process. Please fill all required fields.

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In consideration for taking an online course and/or participating in Deluxe Brows ® initial training, intellectual property of Deluxe Beauty Group INC, I represent and agree:

  1. I am attending the Class/learning online solely for my own benefit and for the benefit of my clients.
  2. I AM NOT A TRAINER, or an employee of a trainer, or attending the class on behalf of any trainer or organization representing training in the field of permanent cosmetics. At any time within the next 3 years, I will not train others micro blading technique using the information provided during my online and/or initial training. I agree that item 3 applies to my classes.
  3. I understand and agree that the handouts, Power Point slides, pictures, downloaded documents, videos and all other information provided and used during initial course, in online module and in Facebook Deluxe Brows Students support group (“Materials”) are COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS under United States copyright law, and that I may not:
    a. Copy materials or any part of it (e.g. illustrations, videos or specific text);
    b. Use materials for any purpose outside of the Class other than my personal reference;
    c. Sell, redistribute, or reproduce materials for sale;
    d. Provide materials and/or online logins to anyone else;
    e. Publish materials or any part of materials on the Internet or anywhere else;
    f. Use materials for training any third party.
  4. I understand, and agree, that all post, comments, pictures, downloaded documents, videos and all other information provided in Facebook support group is private and copyrighted material under United States copyright law, and that I may not:
    Publish, screenshot materials, comments, posts, pictures, videos or any part of information provided in the group, on the Internet, social media, other groups or anywhere else.
  5. I agree not to record or photograph any part of the presentations provided in the Class and in online module, including any materials.
  6. I agree not to use any recording devices in the Class and during Online learning process.
  7. I understand and agree that during initial and/or online training I will be provided with the fundamental knowledge, which I must improve by practicing individually for at least 1 month after training. I understand and agree that in order to keep my clients safe and satisfied, I may not be able to perform permanent make up treatments directly after my training.
  8. I understand that the training includes practice on a model and that I am responsible for bringing one.
  9. I understand and agree that I am RESPONSIBLE for having Blood Borne Pathogen certification and Body Art permit that are valid in class location. I will provide copies on the first day of class.
  10. I understand that that the full kit and device is only part of the full 2 day course. I accept that if I attend less than 2 days, then the materials given will be adjusted according to that day’s curriculum.
  11. I recognize that more practice will be required after completion of the course before starting to use newly learned methods on the clients.

I agree to indemnify Deluxe Beauty Group INC, from any losses, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) company incurs as a result of third party any claim based on or arising from use of the Materials or the information contained there in violation of this agreement or U.S. copyright law. I agree that if the author of Deluxe Brows materials Aleksandra Maniušė or/and the company brings legal action as a result of my breach of this agreement, I will reimburse her attorneys’ fees and costs of suit if I lose any such action.

No refunds or cancellations are allowed.
We only reserve space for serious participants who are completely confident in their decision to participate in our training.
Your payment is valid only for the date mentioned in the invoice.
Any changes to dates will incur a fee of 20% of the total price.
You are only able to change the date (paying the penalty fee) if it is more than 1 month before the date of your class with valid reasoning to change.
If you decided to change the date, we will provide you with the next available dates to choose from.
All booking changes fees like hotels, flights etc, are at your own responsibility as we will not arrange any refunds in case you will not complete your online homework preparation in time.

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Signed by Darius Maniusis
Signed On: 2019-03-06

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