Worldwide Microblading Conference and Championship review – by Aleksandra Maniušė Deluxe Brows

With the respect for all participants of World Microblading conference and championship I decided to write a review, as it was the worse experience I ever had in such kind of events.

I will try to be as constructive as I can to leave all my feelings away and write only about the organization that was not made in an appropriate way.

First problem – Registration. After we made payment we were told by organizer that they do not know who’s bank details are on their website and how they appear there. We were trying to solve this problem almost for 2 weeks.

Conference part.

“So many microblading professionals in one place. Soon in Amsterdam on the 9th of January 2016 conference will begin, where will be the greatest personalities of our industry. The event is aimed at all professionals performing pigmentation treatments. It does not matter whether you are just starting or have many years of experience in the profession.
The explosion of knowledge during two days of lectures and practices”

As it was announced as a Worldwide Microblading conference everybody were expecting to hear fresh, useful information. However Zaneta starts the conference from basic things, which were just re-read from the slides. The lecture was in polish language. The translator was keep repeating that he is not familiar with the topic so it is difficult for him to translate without mistakes. I guess the biggest part of the participants were from Poland, so I do not think they find any difficulties regarding that. The subject was about contraindications, basic skin structure and other topics that PMU artists coming to such conference already know long time ago. Sorry to tell that it was really boring. Participants sitting around us were yawning and looking around trying to understand what they are doing there.

Katerina was the next speaker. Her voice sounds very loud and nobody cares about regulating the microphones. The biggest attention was on hygiene requirements that are in UK. We were showed how autoclave looks, some pictures how tools should be cleaned. She was also telling with resentment how her students do not understand that the stroke must be repeated on the same place without double lines. The slides that were on the screen were full of small text that nobody sees and understands. Again, all participants already knew this kind of information and this was not the thing everyone was expecting. No demonstrations, no videos or practice parts on the screen were done. At the end of these two parts participant were asked to start practice on latex the way they do it at home. Some of them got feedbacks.

Finally Branco Babic starts his speech. To be honest this was the best part of the conference and without this man the conference would be just nothing good to remember. Branco was the only speaker who spoke about new technologies, equipment and theory part that was useful almost for everyone. All participants were concentrated and listening. At the end of this part he start the forum and there were a lot of questions from participants and answers from Branco regarding microblading treatment. Of course we all were given the PhiBrows pigments as a gift.

David Zhang was the last speaker. Despite that he’s English was not good, he was trying to speak and he has quiet good translators to help him. However almost all the time he was speaking in his own language and it was even louder then his translator did it in English after him. Nobody regulates the volume of the microphone, the better lighting for the paperboard or screen with pictures, even after somebody from hall ask about it, the organizer was trying to do not notice all these things. We were waiting about an hour until two women and few guys were trying to connect camera for David’s demonstration. Everybody start to feel bored again. Without success we were asked to stay around the table and look. Of course it was not enough place to see for everyone, so we were asked to look in parts. Finally camera was connected. Despite that, David was trying to stay confident and finish his demo. It was not his fault, he was trying to do his best and I feel sorry that he was involved in this.

Second day. Workshop part. Championship

“Stand in a fight with others about this prestigious title. Show everyone what you can. Get the highest achievement that will bring you fame throughout the world. Remember, this is an ideal opportunity for personal development and gaining respect from the best.”

Well first I must say that only Branco did his full live demonstration twice during this day. However nobody cares when organizer was asked to connect the camera and show demo on the screen. People were standing behind and above the master trying to see something or make a video; the others were working on their championship models.

While 1st group of championship members were working on models all other participants were asked to sit and practice with latex for about 5 hours until both groups will finish their works. Participants were also allowed to walk in between championship members, who were really in stress, and have a look how they work.

During the 2nd part of championship non-championship members were already bored to keep practicing on latex without any other constructive workshops. In addition this day cost for those participants almost 500eu, only for sitting and practicing on latex. That’s way some on them start to ask what they are paying for.

At the end of the second championship group judging changed, some participants were judged some were only pictured, no any points list were filled.

Unfortunately after speaking a lot about the hygiene both ladies were not even wearing a masks, cups, aprons and sometimes-even gloves while inspecting models and showing short movements on them with the blade.

After announcing all the championship participants and reward them with certificates, everybody took a pictures and at the end organizer realized that one girl still was not announced and rewarded. She was really unhappy that organizer forgot her and does not apologies loudly. Instead she was just given a certificate after all. She through it away.

We were surprised with the winners results, as there were better works that do not win and I guess places were dedicated without paying attention on a simple rules in PMU, like symmetry, or clients face shape, not to mention hair strokes position and correct placement. We decided to ask organizers about the results and pictures of the winners and other participants and then it all starts…

Nobody had pictures, nobody had the results, both ladies were trying to avoid the questions and ask to ask another judge’s about it. Finally after organizer ask us to send her email in order to get the results she add that there were no points and no results, because each judge just chose few winners that he likes most. No rules, no requirements, nothing.

I decided to ask Katerina about it, as she shows herself everywhere as very honest person and directly after I understood that I made the mistake. She was aggressive and impolite. Instead of trying to help and solve the problem in a polite manner without involving others, to analyze the pictures or the results of all participants she start to scream asking to stop and accused me that I had some other interests as I am a trainer. She added that the points were given according to strict hygiene requirements. Despite that she was talking about the points, there were no points at all. Nobody had them. The other ladies start to talk rudely in polish language that I do not speak and I understood that this was just a big fail everybody and I did by choosing this conference. Of course I was trying to found out, to understand how the winners were selected, because my colleges participated there and I really care about them, but my polite wish was met with aggression and ignorance.

Finally, instead of all honor speakers, there were only one women face and company name hanging everywhere on banners. Any other speaker’s do not had they banners, brochures or products stands. Certificates given were without signatures of speaker’s.


The reason I wrote this is because I believe that in such conferences and championships participants must be taught by the best to take the example from them and admire them. Such kind of event must be in highest level.

It was announced as worldwide microblading conference so nobody expects that it will be about autoclave usage or that the treatment is prohibited for pregnant clients. This kind of information is already posted in almost all websites about PMU and BBP trainings.

In addition it must be mentioned in even website that the worldwide conference is for beginners, and that the championship will be just basic level were judges will choose the winners according to their interests, without points and rules. On the other hand how beginners can participate in championship…

I also feel really sorry for those people who spend a lot of money for traveling and came with big expectations to learn something new, to practice during workshops, participate in conscientious worldwide championship and be treated well, because they deserve proper organization and polite manners. However they were just cheated.

I hope this conference wont be another reason to destroy completely the name of microblading as the best thing the organizer did is that she showed how not to do.


With best regards,

Aleksandra Maniušė