What is Nanostroking®?

By Aleksandra Maniuse | 2017-10-06

Healed nanostroking results

What is Nanostroking®?

Many of you often ask – “what is Nanostroking®?” “How it is different from other techniques?” “Is it same as Microblading?”

So here is some explanation I prepared for you.

To be honest I was never a fan of word “Microblading”. It confused so many artists, trainers and potential clients. Most of them usually are thinking that it is kind of slicing the skin with the blades. It might be, however that is not my way of working and I am too far from slicing.

Lets start from the most important thing. It does not matter which tool you prefer to work with – the depth will always stay the same. We should implant the pigment in between epidermis and dermis. To be more exact right after epidermis ends. Using both methods in order to stay away from scars and blurry, ashy results the first layer if dermis is your way to go.

In order to implant the pigment in the correct way we need to feel the skin. In order to feel the skin we need to stretch the skin very well. If you are still struggling with stretching take Will Anthony Stretch-niques® webinar.

I am trying to accentuate always – as gentle you are as better the results will be. However, if you are not stretching the skin properly being gentle may feel strange and you are trying to press more, dragging the skin and making thick ugly lines. You may blame the needles then, that they are not as sharp, they bend or becomes dull super-fast. That’s why some of you prefers thicker hard “blades”. Those are more stable and you may do the actual “cut” without pressing too much. Is that good? I don’t think so. As these kinds of strokes will always look more blurry after some time. You can easily tell only by looking at picture directly after, which strokes were done with correct stretch (those will be nice and crisp) and which were done with hard needles and less stretch (those will be a bit thicker and a bit blurry around).

Let’s get back to the topic. What is actually Nanostroking®? First thing – Nanostroking® is registered and trademarked technique by Deluxe Brows®.

There might be manual or machine Nanostroking®. I will concentrate on manual this time.

  • Nanostroking® is a very gentle way of implanting the pigment by several different movements – this is not regular slicing with the “blade”.
  • Nanostroking® might be done in 5 different ways, using several needles
  • There are few different ways on how to repeat the strokes using Nanostroking® method
  • Nanostroking® same like all correct permanent makeup treatments is implanting the pigment in the first layer of dermis.
  • Nanostroking® does not cause scarring
  • Nanostroking® is Permanent Makeup that keeps the pigment dark 1 to 2 years. During this time it fades, but not completely. Traces of pigment will stay in the skin longer. How long it will stay depends on skin type, skin care, climate, body condition and of course type of pigment used.
  • Nanostroking® is done only with super fine nano needles.