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A Revolution in PMU Removal Procedures

Safety and effectiveness are the two aspects to describe the super powers of Aloor® removal solution system. 

Eliminate the need to refer your clients to removal specialists. Equip yourself with the skills to perform permanent makeup/tattoo removal and personally assist your clients with their permanent makeup needs.

Aloor® Removal Features

Alkaline works on various pigments and offers a more versatile solution. Whether dealing with different colors or stubborn inks, alkaline removal proves its adaptability. 

Safety First

Alkaline removal is a gentle giant. Unlike harsh methods that can cause scarring and discomfort, or not always yield desired results, alkaline solutions are formulated to minimize skin trauma. Your client's well-being is paramount, and this method puts their safety at the forefront.

Precision Perfected

Alkaline removal is an art of finesse. When compared to inconsistent fading or unpredictable outcomes with other methods, Aloor® Removal provides a more controlled and precise way to remove unwanted permanent makeup. It ensures even fading, allowing for a cleaner canvas and better results.

Less Pain, More Gain

Alkaline removal minimizes discomfort. Clients often dread the painful process of tattoo removal, but alkaline's milder approach reduces pain and speeds up recovery, making the experience more bearable and less daunting

Reduce the Risk

Alkaline reduces the risk of scarring. The long-term effects of other methods can sometimes be less than ideal. With alkaline, scarring is less likely, preserving the integrity and beauty of your client's skin.

What Is Included

This online training is a previously recorded Live Treatment demonstration on a model, which was not edited. The instructor explains the steps and answers questions as the session goes.

Aloor® Pigment removal online training is packed with detailed information including step-by-step application, aftercare, most important rules, contraindications, and much more. 

  • HD Video

    High quality presentation and demonstration video

  • Step-by-step

     Treatment Demonstration on a model - step by step

  • Skin Care

    Aftercare & Skin Types Solutions

  • Removal Types

    Short intro into the difference between acid, saline and alkaline removal methods

  • Price: $300

With Aloor® Removal Solution
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