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  • Deluxe Brows review by Heather H.
    Heather H.
    I've only taken one of DB classes: All About Shading. I've been doingpmu (mostly brows) for 6 years and have spent upwards of $30,000 ineducation. Most of those classes were in-person, hands-on. This onlinecourse was absolutely the best most educational class I've ever hadand was most definitely the best value for my money. I wish I had thisknowledge when I started-I would have excelled much quicker!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Liz J.
    Liz J.
    I have completed both the eyebrow marathon and I-marathon. DeluxeBrows was the first online course i bought after I trained 2 yearsago. These have been without a doubt my most influential learning.Everything is clear, simple and easy to understand. The camera shotsinclude close up and body position - which is so important. I have rewatched the brow marathon many times. Thank you so much for thesecourses !!! 🌸❤️
  • Deluxe Brows review by Anne L.
    Anne L.
    I have just completed the Aloor brow and lip marathons. They were bothamazing and contained so much information. In the brow marathon, welearn many different stroke patterns even some for male clients. Wealso learn soft edge brows, ombré and makeup look. There is also oneday for eyeliner. In the lip marathons, we learn about lip blush,ombré lips, lipstick effect, nude lips, dark lip correction and manuallips. In the 2 marathons, she teaches us everything including yourposition while working, the types of pigments and needles and a lotabout skin and its healing process. Everything is explained so welland in detail and it is so affordable. She is an amazing teacher. Ifyou are debating between choosing her or anyone else, choose DeluxeBrows without hesitation 😊Amazing results
  • Deluxe Brows review by Antoinette J.
    Antoinette J.
    Great teacher, explains everything very well. Highly recommend:)
  • Deluxe Brows review by Katelyn S.
    Katelyn S.
    Aleksandra and the Deluxe Brows program was the best permanent makeuptraining program I could have asked for. I researched programsextensively and ultimately settled on this one and I don't regret itone bit.I signed up in January for the training at the end of Februaryso I had a full two months to study the online materials before thein-person class. I felt really prepared. I can't imagine going to oneof the training programs where there is ONLY a couple days in personwithout any supplemental work. That is just not enough time to learnthe material.In-person Aleksandra was extremely helpful in explainingeverything and having us do practice drills until we all got itperfectly. We only had 3 girls in our class so there was plenty of 1:1time. She was really dedicated to all of us learning and being asprepared as possible. I can't speak highly enough about her.Overall, Iloved the experience and I'm so happy to be a part of the Deluxe Browsfamily!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Jewls G.
    Jewls G.
    "Stop Searching & DONT waste your time looking no Further!"By far thebest decision I made to go with DELUXE BROWS!! And.... to be trainedby the best instructor in the USA, yours truly Alexsandra Maniuse !!!!I search for literally months, was even deciding to travel to learnthe art of brows! But after doing major research on the web, Icouldn't be any happier with this decision. What got me 100% convincedwas Alexsandra had every little single, precise detail down to the artof brows on her website & training, Here's why... 1: After signingup(All about Brows Fundamental) next day I received my training kit.Including Aloor machine, training packet, needles, kit for mapping,Book of knowledge & everything to work with ink, markers, pencils,etc. Sooo exciting!! 2: Training online (course).Practice before yougo hands on with your models! Webinars & videos.3:Texting & emailing,answering every question u out have, sending in your work to get help& preparation for class! 4: Everyday we had lessons, went over &practice before our models arrived.1st day of class we received moreproducts for Henna brows ... 2nd day we worked on skins for Shading &day 3 we practice for Microblading, graduation kit & Certification. 5:She bought us lunch everyday, which she shouldn't have too. It wassuch a grateful gesture, esp to talk to the other girls to get toknows Nd get advice from one another. 6: She made you feel like it wasthe right decision Nd not to give up never!! 7: After we left, Shemade us feel to always keep in touch Nd text her for anything!! Ithought it was such an amazing thing cuz you will always havecontinued questions! 8: Has continued support, classes Nd working onmore models.Such a great epic experience, I'm truly honored to learnfrom the best!
  • Deluxe Brows review by OhShinnah O.
    OhShinnah O.
    ***Don't look for any other Permanent make up trainingfacility.***Alexandra is by far the most hands-on training andexcellent teacher you could ever have for Permanent make up andmicroblading. I took the five day course which was extensive andthorough.There is a month of theory and educational backgroundincluding practicing on latex before you even come to class. Don'tskip out on this! If you've practiced you'll feel so much moreconfident working on clients. I wish I had practiced more before Icame to the five day class. Here are some of the things that stand outabout Deluxe Brows training center.1. Alexandra is the owner of thecompany and really cares about her students. She really spendindividual time customizing for each students individual needs.2. Theclasses are small there were only two other students in my course. Ifelt very lucky.3. She is honest and doesn't give you a lot of falseexpectations, which I believe makes her much more trustworthy. Shewon't tell you what you want to hear she'll tell you what you need tohear.4. She has her own product line and supplies available forpurchase. This makes it much easier to get started after completingthe course. 5. You can use your clients photos from your training tostart your portfolio which is very helpful since everybody wants tovisually see your work before they feel comfortable being a newclient.6. The online course and webinars are still available for ayear from the purchase date. She also makes herself available foranswers to potential problems that may come up in the future. I trulyfeel that Aleksandra Maniuse and Deluxebrows training center is by farthe best place to go if you really want to get into this industry andfeel confident when you leave. ****Do your practice homework!****
  • Deluxe Brows review by Elaine R.
    Elaine R.
    ****ALERT!!! BEST TRAIINING EVER FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP IN SAN DIEGOCOUNTY!!!***** I just finished the January course for permanent makeup(did 30 days of online training that comes with it). I am absolutelyimpressed with this company and it's owner, Alexandra! Afterresearching several courses available in both San Diego and L.A.Counties, I decided to take this course because it seemed to offer themost for my money. The kit is included, and honestly, you don't evenuse that in class because she provided all supplies needed duringtraining. We basically just had to bring our latex practice sheets andthe Aloor permanent makeup machine. The five day in-class trainingincluded Henna Brows, Microblading, Ombre Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips.Microblading especially gave me some anxiety because I wasuncomfortable with how 'deep' you are scratching with the needle tool.With Alex's instruction, I felt very comfortable doing the techniqueon my model and she looked amazing!! The instructor, Alex, keeps theclasses very small so that you have quite a bit of one on oneinstruction. Ok, for all you babies out there looking for just someoneto flatter you and stroke your ego, this is not the class for you. Ialso highly doubt that you can learn this technique in a weekend ofone day course and feel confident enough to utilize what you havelearned. Alex is very good at what she does and, with tact, you willtell you exactly what you are doing wrong and how to correct. We hadmodels every single day(you must provide the model), and every day wedid a new technique. Even with the 30 days of online training(and itwas very well put-together course), and the five days of one-on-one,it is ALOT of info to learn. But compared with whats out there (oneschool was charging $10,000!!!! OMG!), this class is the absolute bestbargain in town! Be prepared to come to class and spend from 9am toeven beyond the 4pm timeframe. Also, you must complete the onlinetraining before starting the in class training. My friends and familyare excited about my new-found talent and I have a line-up of clientswaiting from my services! Thank you, Alexandra!!! This was the bestinvestment I have ever made!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Christine C.
    Christine C.
    I took the fundamental pmu class and it was awesome! This is one ofthe best training I have taken. There is pre course work that isrequired prior to starting, and is important to getting the maximumbenefit out of your time in class. You don't waste theinstruction/hands on time leaning about thinks that can be done onyour own. You can discuss any questions in class, and the staff isalways available and quick to help you prior to starting. IMO thiscourse is worth every penny! I loved the format, it was great beingable to focus on practicing and working on models, in class and notspending time reading. I loved the small class size and Alex's abilityto make you feel like you are the only student. Her hands on style andworking side by side is extremely helpful. Alex is an amazinginstructor who is passionate about her art and it shows in herteaching, and mentoring. I truly feel like she wants to help me be thebest artist I can be. I don't know why I waited so long to take thisclass! If you thinking about it, or have the opportunity, do it, youwill not be disappointed!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Erin W.
    Erin W.
    I took the full PMU class & I was blown away. I've heard so manystories about people getting training for Microblading and leave notknowing anything. I'm happy to say that I do not regret my choicewhat's so ever & I'm so glad I took the time to research. To make thisshort the amount of care, understanding & true teaching was unreal &im so sad it's already over. My instructor Alex was amazing in everyway & I know for a fact I will only return to Deluxe Brows for anyadvanced trading I do from here on out.
  • Deluxe Brows review by Momma B.
    Momma B.
    I do believe Deluxe Brows and Aleksandra is the best in the industryClearly, her techniques are different than other PMU artists, whichmakes her stand out in this industry. I did the 3 day training (AllAbout Brows) in San Diego and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It isintense so be prepared and be on your A-game. I do plan on coming backlater to train for eyeliner and lip but first I wanted to master theBROWS A few reasons I chose Deluxe Brows over others is:1) She is theBEST (do your research) 2) The other training schools don't evencompare to her knowledge, in fact; I visited a couple schools and Igot to see the curriculum of a few others. I wouldn't even waste yourhard earned money on such information. By far Aleksandra, was the mostthorough, well thought of, well put together then any other school Iresearched. She is spot on, she shares a book of knowledge full ofinformation that will last a lifetime. 3) She truly cares for thesuccess of her students. Your success is her success. Even after thetraining, you can still reach out to her for any questions you mayhave. She makes herself available to you; which is a huge bonus forany beginner. She even has additional trainings coming up for herstudents which is really excellent most other places do not offerthat. 4) She has her own product line; which is a huge help becauseshe supplies her students with product to help us get going with ourbusiness. These are just a few reasons why I think Deluxe Brows is theBEST! Someone once said, "You get what you pay for." Don't go thecheap route, it will only hinder you later and you will end up payingmore money anyways. I highly recommend Deluxe Brows / Aleksandra. Youwill get your money's worth, I can promise you that!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Patricia R.
    Patricia R.
    I just completed a Henna Webinar and All I have to say is that theclass was AMAZING! The class was not just about Henna, it was socomplete that included super important information and tips regardingbrow design. You can never get enough tips to design brows! The classwas very organized, it was the perfect pace and very detailed.Aleksandra took the time to answer all the questions withoutcompromising the flow of the class. I highly recommend her!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Laura W.
    Laura W.
    Incredible experience..if I would have chose a different program fromanother microblading school, I would have never known what I wasmissing out on. Alex has all the qualities of a great teacher, she haspatience, is a great speaker and listener with passion andskill.Thanks so much Alex! change my life.
  • Deluxe Brows review by Annie T.
    Annie T.
    I could not be more happier with the work done by Aleksandra. I was amodel for her student and she was very detailed in helping her studentlearn. Alek was very clear and explained the process as she wassketching out the shape for my eyebrows. She allowed her student toask questions and explain the best technique for this microbladingprocess to be done.Alek was very careful and always asked if I wasdoing alright. You can tell she truly cares about the art ofmicroblading. She listened to my needs and wants and it truly turnedout beautiful. From what I observed, she was able to give her studentamazing one on one teaching and allowed for her student to learn asmuch as possible for the best results. Also, the salon office wasbeautiful and very clean. There were bright lights made everythingvery visible for this environment. This was such a lovely experience!Thank you for amazing business Aleksanda and Deluxe Brows!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Haley B.
    Haley B.
    Aleksandra Maniušė is a amazing trainer. Her talent is mind blowing,and the amount of knowledge I got from her is beyond words. OriginallyI had gone to a machine class from another trainer, and left feelingscared and uneasy. I thought for sure I'd never touch a machine again.I went to the Deluxe Brows training course just wanting to learn themanual method only, but by the time I left she had 100% changed mymind about the machine. Her dedication, passion for teaching, calmdemeanor, warm attitude and fantastic training style put me at easeimmediately. I learned both manual and machine from her in a 1 on 1class, and let me just say..... if you don't train with her at leastonce your crazY! It was work ever penny! The parking was super simple,bathrooms clean, her office was super cute and her assistant was thesweetest thing ever! Do yourself a favor and sign up! I willdefinitely be training with her again and have no doubt she is by farthe most talented artist I have ever had the pleasure to gainknowledge from! Thank you soooo much for everything! You guys arerockstars!!!
  • Deluxe Brows review by Brittany S.
    Brittany S.
    I got my eyebrows microbladed + shading with Aleksandra. She was veryprofessional and thorough. This is a before picture from the day of myfirst appointment and an after once my touch up brows healed. I amvery happy with my brows.