"ALL THINGS nano" workshop

The workshop is dedicated to mastering both shading and strokes techniques on latex

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Miami, FL December 13th

An advanced workshop backed by years of experience.

Mission & Vission

As an industry trailblazer with over nine years of unparalleled experience in the world of permanent makeup, I have dedicated my life to not only perfecting this art but also to sharing my knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists worldwide. As the founder of Deluxe Brows®, I take pride in our dedication to professionalism, cooperation, and innovation. 

My mission as a permanent makeup instructor is simple yet profound: to empower and inspire the next generation of artists. Through comprehensive training, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to raising industry standards, I aim to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in the world of permanent makeup.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Aspiring Permanent Makeup Artists: Individuals who are new to the field and want to learn the foundational skills and techniques required for a career in permanent makeup.

Experienced Permanent Makeup Artists: Seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills, learn advanced techniques, and stay updated with the latest industry trends

If You are eager to expand your knowledge in Color Theory, Needles, Machines, Retention, and other vital aspects of permanent makeup, like:

  • Healed Results

  • Treatment Time

  • Pigment Knowledge

  • Perfect Pixelation

  • Perfectly Crisp & Shaded Strokes

  • Combination Brows

  • The Effect of Anesthetics

  • After Care

Learn the most effective ways to implant the pigment faster and more efficient 

Elevate your permanent makeup skills to the next level by attending the exclusive Nano workshop, where the main focus is on mastering shading and strokes technique while optimizing hand movements for superior results.

In addition to comprehensive coverage of Color Theory, Needles, Machines, and Retention, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to refine your technique, ensuring you create stunning, long-lasting enhancements that distinguish you in the industry.

Aleksanda Maniuse / Educator

Main Topics Covered During Nano Workshop

Color Theory

Gain profound insight into color theory, differentiating between organic, inorganic, and hybrid pigments, while navigating regulatory guidelines and selecting the optimal technique for each pigment application.


Delve into the intricacies of needle thickness, taper, and configuration, comprehensively exploring all needle options from 1RL to Magnums, and mastering the best techniques for each.

Hairs-strokes Template using Procreate

Learn how to use a digital canvas that allows artists to design and refine the blueprint for achieving remarkably natural-looking eyebrow enhancements


 Understand the nuances of stroke/cam variations, explore diverse machine settings, and strike the perfect balance between machine precision and the artistry of hand movement.


 Acquire the essential strategies for achieving impeccable healed results in a single session, ensuring clients enjoy long-lasting, flawless nano eyebrow enhancements.

Hand Movement

Mastering the art of hand movement is the cornerstone of excellence in permanent makeup. It involves precise control, pressure, and angle adjustments to create flawless hair strokes and shading, ensuring comfort and consistently exceptional results.


What Is Included

Demonstration on Model (Combination Brows)


Sampler Pack

Theory and Presentation


Model Demonstration Recording

Practice & Guidance on Latex


Workbook & Manuals

Questions and Answers


15% Supplies




Deluxe Brows® Permanent Makeup Academy


Becoming a permanent makeup artist requires more than just technique and skill - it takes courage, determination, an open mind, willingness to learn new things every day and – most importantly – an open heart. With your unique career comes the privilege of being able to impact peoples’ lives for the better in incredible ways!


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