Aloor® Pigment Removal

  • Price: $300

    $180 without Aloor Removal Solution

With Aloor® Removal SolutionWithout Aloor® Removal Solution

Certificate Included!

We are thrilled to introduce you to

a completely new way of learning. Online tutorial with the ability to ask questions, interact with other users and get all necessary support online.

This Training contains

  • Presentation and Treatment Demonstration step by step

  • After care

  • Most important rules

  • And much more

4 Hours of recorded Video

This online training is a previously recorded Live Treatment demonstration on a model, which is not edited. The instructor explains the steps and answers questions as the session goes.

Aloor® Pigment removal online training is packed with detailed information including step by step application, after care, most important rules, contraindications and much more. By taking this online training you won’t have the need to send your clients to a removal specialist. You will be able to perform this procedure and help your clients yourself.

  • After purchasing, login credentials with a link to access Online Training will be sent to you via email