Deluxe Brows®

Aloor® Vertuo Universal Membrane Cartridge Needles
3RS 0.257 Magnum 0.30 3RL 0.351RL 0.30 10011RL 0.25 08011RL 0.35 1201

Product Details

Textured Needles – For easier implantation

Medium Taper – Medium sharpness. Perfect for both strokes and shading. Suitable for all skin types

Safety Membrane – Ensures no risk of cross-contamination

1RL 0.25 (0801RL)

Perfect for strokes, pixelated shading, and details

3RS 0.25 (0803RS)

Perfect for shading, eyeliner, and lash enhancement

7 Curved Magnum 0.30 (1007MC)

Perfect for brows and lips

New 1 RL 0.3

Perfect for brows, lips, and liner

New 1 RL 0.35

Perfect for brows, lips, and liner

New 3 RL 0.35

Perfect for brows, lips, and liner


10 needles per box

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  • Available Worldwide

  • Best Warranty in the Business

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