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Deluxe Brows®

Deluxe Brows® by Aleksandra Maniuse

Permanent Makeup Training, Services and Supplies

Signature Soft Edge Brows, NanoShading and NanoStroking Techniques. Most popular Microblading, Ombre Brows, Lip Blush and Eyeliner techniques.

Deluxe Founder

Microblading by Aleksandra Maniuse

We are dedicated to providing first-rate permanent makeup services and training in all of the most popular permanent makeup techniques applied manually or with the machine.  At Deluxe Brows® we offer a variety of permanent makeup procedures to suit the needs of all clients. We have meticulously developed techniques and products to ensure flawless beautiful work. That is the Deluxe Brows® permanent makeup guarantee!

Deluxe Brows® founder Aleksandra Maniuse


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