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Nail Gel Polish LED Personal Kit

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Make permanent nail gel polish treatment easily in 10-15 minutes only.




Deluxe Nails LED Personal kit, is a safe long-term nail gel polish home system. Now it is possible to make the perfect permanent nail gel polish by your own.

It will take 10-15 minutes only to complete your feet and hands polishing.

With the new LED system you will enjoy the perfect nail polish for 3-4 weeks.

Personal LED system will be always on hand. LED lamp is extremely compact, safe and fast acting. Permanent nail gel polish treatment is now available even at coffee brake time or during the holidays.

The treatment can be made in a convenient location without the usual boot outlet. Simply connect the LED Personal USB cable to your PC, phone or car.

There is no need to make appoinments in beauty salons and and pay a lot for permanent gel polish. Now it is your time to make the perfect long-term gel polish quickly and easily at your most favorite and comfortable place!

Deluxe Nails LED Gel Nail Polish Kit - Permanent Nail Gel Polish Home System


Package includes:

Compact design, safe and especially comfortable mini LED lamp.

5pcs. different colors permanent nail gel polish bottles:

mild lilac

rich lilac

glossy red


clear top coat


Nail Gel Polish LED Personal Kit




Apply 2 layers of Deluxe Nails Gel polish on cleansed nail. Cure in LED lamp 30 seconds each layer. Apply clear top coat. Cure 30 second in LED lamp. Degrease with nail polish remover cotton pad.

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