How to choose the right microblades / microblading needles – Deluxe Brows® Part 1

By Aleksandra Maniuse | 2024-06-06

Deluxe Brows Disposable nanoshading / nanostroking needles

How to choose the right microblades / microblading needles – Deluxe Brows® Part 1


The microblading industry is rapidly evolving, with companies constantly introducing new tools, needles, pigments, and other products. 

Having researched this extensively and explained the nuances during our training sessions, I want to share the key tips I use when choosing needles. I hope this guide helps you make informed decisions.

The visual test may seem insignificant, but it's essential. Blades and needles might look similar but can differ significantly in quality. So, how do we determine which are good or bad?

If your strokes are unclear or the pigment spreads unevenly, it might be due to incorrect pressure or poor-quality blades.

Blades with improperly fixed needles can cause double strokes. Always inspect your needles with a loupe before each treatment.

Recommendation: Avoid using thicker than 0.20 needles for most applications.

Thinner Blades are Sharper: As shown, Blade Nr.2 has thinner needles, making it sharper than Blade Nr.1. The closer the needles are together, the sharper the blade.

Avoiding Incomplete Strokes: To prevent missing parts in your strokes or results with small dots, choose the appropriate needle thickness for different skin types.

For more detailed guidance and to make informed decisions about microblading needles, download our comprehensive guide.

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