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Jessica Nannete Sierra

First I would like to thank all my classmates, Aleksandra and Val for being so supportive, fun and inspirational. It felt great to be in a room surrounded by people who not only have the same passion and drive BUT everyone I was surrounded by cheered everyone else on! No negativity and I love it!

Now for the training just WOW! Aleksandra is so talented and you can tell she loves to share all her knowledge and wants us all to be successful. The location in Tarzana (Los Angeles) which is brand spanking New was so clean, organized and comfortable. There was easy parking, which is not normal in LA) and a lot of things locally for caffeine and snacks.
The kit we received is jam packed with a ton of products to get us started in our Microblading career. Not only that but they provided some items when we started training so we didn’t have to dip into our kit products. The manual is easy to navigate through with tons of info and the online module helped give me a better understanding of what I was going to do in class. Communication with Deluxe Brows via email was quick and gave me all the info I needed to get registered in my city and what else I need to start my biz!
I would def recommend this course to anyone looking into microblading and I plan on taking more advanced training with Aleksandra when I can.
Thank You Deluxe Brows!

Christine Chau

I couldn’t be happier with the training I received from Aleksandra. I researched a lot of trainers in my state and even some out, and Deluxe Brows made me feel the most assured. Aleksandra is not only skilled in her craft but extremely knowledgeable about running a business and gave solid advice.

Prior to the training I was not able to decipher between good work vs not so good or pick up on flaws; but now Aleks’s work is the standard in which I compare all others. I don’t regret choosing Deluxe Brows at all and would definitely look into taking more courses with them.

Manda Lynn

I just finished the first class for fundamental training in the Los Angeles area. I came from Northern California to learn from Aleksandra. It was worth every penny. I am proud and honored to say where I did my training. Doing the extra homework before the class really helped me.

I saw a huge improvement from the homework to how Alex helped me in class. She is so patient and understanding. She answered all questions and still continues to keep in contact with the group. I miss my class already. I wish it could have lasted longer. The office is nice and clean. I felt comfortable and confident in class with the help from Alex. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go back for the fifth day.

Catherine Martin Peck

I had such an amazing experience training with Deluxe Brows-Aleksandra. Their training far exceeded my expectations. It amazed me how much time she spent with each one of us to make sure we understood the topic before moving on to another.Aleksandra is so patient, kind and passionate…

about her work and it shows through her encouragement and ability to connect with each student.
I can’t say enough great things about the training, Instructor and the facility. I would highly recommend it! I will definitely be returning for additional training.

Jackie Batts

I wish there were better words to explain how amazing the master Nano shading/stroking class taught by Alexandra was! Her passion, knowledge and experience is awe inspiring! Her love of teaching, her genuine concern and care of her students understanding of the material…

and helping them to implement it into their work is beyond exceptional! The attention to detail and Alex’s calm and cool demeanor while teaching cutting edge and ground breaking material, is nothing I’ve ever encountered. Truly a one of a kind and beyond exceptional education taught by an exceptionally amazing, inspirational and incredibly qualified woman!

Chinh Le

I’m truly happy that I chose to learn microblading with Deluxe Brows. I was fortunate to be trained by Aleksandra. She was extremely kind, lovely, and patient when I needed her assistance. The four day course was intense, however the online 6 month support was extremely helpful. It’s a lot…

of information to remember just in four days, however having that support is extremely beneficial to review what you have learned. I also wanted to mention the kit that you’ll receive with the course is awesome! There are so much pigments and supplies that you will last you a while! I love that Aleksandra truly wants you to succeed and will continue to help you the best she can.

Alexandra Zviefka

I had the opportunity to take the 4-day microblading course in Miami with Aleksandra! She was amazing and very knowledge! From safety and precautions to hands on technique, it was all covered! I left feeling confident in my ability to become successful performing microblading, her knowledge and

guidance has helped me become busy and successful on my new career path! I loved it so much that I will be attending the Advanced Course in April! Thank you so much!

Jackie Batts

Taking this course was a great decision! I have learned and continue to learn so much with Deluxe brows. Aleksandra is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Even after months of taking the microblading course, she continues to answer any questions I have regardless of being halfway across the world.

I highly recommend Deluxe Brows!

Uzmee Krakovszki

After a very through search I decided to attend Deluxe Brows. Their information on their site was very clear to understand what is expected from the class. I was very impressed that they gave me lots of homework before the class. I have to say the homework was for me the key to prepare/understand

the upcoming curriculum!
My instructor was the beautiful Kim.
She is an excellent Instructor. Very professional, patient, caring and very helpful.
Her skills are quite impressive!
…I’ll definitely go back to take her advanced class.
Overall, I loved the class and I am very excited to see what future holds for me..
Thank you Kim Zenovic and Deluxe Brows!

Anneleise Murray

I had Sarah as a microblading teacher. She was phenomenal, the whole time I was down and Pennsylvania and when I was training at home she made sure to help me out and every time she did I improved immensely! She’s very detail oriented and by the end of the 5 busy days working with her I felt fully

confident and excited about microblading and knowing that this is something I want to add to my career. She still continues to help and give me tips and is very responsive through emails! I loved her!

Jena Schafer

I attended the four day class taught by Kim in San Diego. I was extremely happy that the class size was small so we all received one on one attention. Kim was attentive and knowledgeable. Along with being an extremely great educator she is amazingly friendly and could put up with me and my endless questions!

I also loved that we got a great kit to get started with, helpful when you are already paying for eduacation. All together the class set me up for a great start, Kim was amazing, the continued education and help from her is wonderful even after class is over. I plan on attending some advanced training with Kim in the future. Do it!

Kathy Thao Nguyen

Training class is very informative and hands-on oriented. Kim is an enthusiastic instructor with great passion for her students and microblading professsion. She teaches from experience!

Erika Hurst

Deluxe training was AMAZING! Kim was wonderful, so informative, and beyond sweet! I enjoyed every day and was sad to have the class end. I highly recommend deluxe brows for your training!

Vasana Pham

Kim is such a doll! Literally, she is gorgeous and also a sweetheart. She is very passionate about what she does and very patient with her students. One task that I appreciated was the assignments that had to be completed prior to class. You come to class with a better understanding and prepared for model day.

Kim was an excellent instructor and such an inspiration!

Jennifer Toy

This course is very intense (in a good way). The amount of knowledge and advice I received from attending Kim’s class was invaluable. Kim is a very sweet and patient instructor. We have to do 2 weeks worth of homework before attending the class. This already puts you at a huge advantage because you’re

not going into the class clueless. It took me a while to get the right strokes in for my brows but Kim was more than happy to help me along the way. The class sizes are very small (mine only had 4 people) so I felt very comfortable asking questions. I am so excited to continue my journey in microblading and the education I received from Kim and Deluxe Brows gives me huge confidence and motivation. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in furthering their career in the beauty industry. Thank you Kim!

Nicki Peeples

I trained w Kim Zenovick in San Diego. She was so calm, cool and collected. She was easy to ask questions and talk to, always very approachable and friendly. I’m very glad that I trained with DB and so happy with Kim as a teacher as well as Lynn who helped us out on our model day. Great experience looking

forward to practicing what I learned!

Sandy Pham

This class is amazing! The instructor Kim is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and is a fun person to learn from! The facility is very clean and chic. Start your microblading career here you won’t regret it.

Jenna Wescott

I just got back from my 4 day training with Sarah in PA, I Am so thrilled this is the program I picked. I did a lot of research prior to deciding on deluxe and I am so happy to feel like my research paid off. Sarah was amazing. Patient, thorough, very personable. I learned more than expected. I was so nervous

prior to the 4 day training I had emailed Sarah thinking I was in over my head. She was great and reassured me those feelings were normal I am beyond happy I stuck with it, and had the training I did. I feel ready!!!

Jessica Kleine

Overall, I’m so glad I chose Deluxe Brows to get my Microblading certification. It was a VERY clean facility and very well put together. Kim was such an amazing instructor. Not only does she have so much knowledge about microblading, but about the industry in general and answered

all questions any of us had. She made me feel so comfortable when I performed on my model and she was always right there to help. I wish the class was longer than 4 days but I definitely learned a lot in that time. Will definitely recommend to anyone!

Jennifer Leks

I attended the PA microblading course with Sarah as my instructor. Out of all the schools I looked Into, deluxe brows was the most intense and I couldn’t have asked for a better school and an amazing instructor to not only teach me the proper skills to have a career in microblading but to also motivate and give

me greatest confidence to succeed… I didn’t just walk away with a certification and new skill, I left with a whole new family… thank you Sarah and Deluxe Brows for this life changing experience.

Jaymarie Carrasco

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Aleks is professional, patient, knowledge and incredibly meticulous! Unlearned so much and am grateful to have had such a wonderful instructor who truly has perfected her craft. I recommend this company to anyone that is serious about making a mark on this industry.

prior to the 4 day training I had emailed Sarah thinking I was in over my head. She was great and reassured me those feelings were normal I am beyond happy I stuck with it, and had the training I did. I feel ready!!!

Shadiyah Camille

To say I was nervous about taking this leap and learning the skill would be a huge understatement. I was even more worried when starting the class and being told this is difficult and something that will take lots of hard work and dedication and not a talent everyone will possess (honesty is the best policy).

I knew going in that the training would be intense, but, that is what I was looking for. There is homework before, during, and after, Aleksandra takes it very serious (as she should), and will not accept anything but the best. Again, exactly what I want as a student, and as a future client. She is very welcoming and easy to talk to, while always giving straight forward and honest answers. I feel as though I received the best training possible and appreciate the dedication that Aleksandra, Sandra, and Sarah have for the art. I have already recommended the course to others interested in learning to microblade. I can not say enough wonderful things about the classes, they are very thorough, thought out, and most importantly hands on. As previously stated I was extremely nervous at first, but now feel confident in my knowledge and ability to continue to practice and learn. I am so pleased with the education from the program and now have the confidence to move forward in building and business.

Erika Wilson

I loved this course! The flow of the information given was great. Hands on and theory were mixed in perfectly to keep you understanding the subject matter. Aleksandra, Sandra, and Sarah were very direct…which I love…no wasting time. They keep the group on task so we could get all the education we need to build

a foundation in this practice. So much great training packed into 4 days and a ton of homework too but if you’re passionate and dedicated you will love!
Also, great support before and after training. I feel my training group and instructors are part of a team and I feel comfortable asking any questions that come up for me.
Great experience for me. Life changing.
Thank you again Deluxe Brows!

Holly Owens

I searched for a class for almost a year and finally decided to go with Deluxe Brows and am so glad I did! Kim was such a thorough, detail oriented and honest instructor and you can tell she is passionate about microblading and cares about her students. It’s been so nice to know she is still available to

answer any questions even after the class has ended.

Genoveva Arauz

Kim Is been the most patient and kind teacher I’ve ever had. We had the most fun team!! She still answers super quick to every question we ask daily, and keep providing her services after the course. I really think that is the best part of doing the course with DELUXE-BROWS! I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Ana Karina Rodriguez

I have thin eyebrows, and was having to use powder everyday to achieve the brows than I wanted with little success. Started considering permanent makeup years ago but very scared of ending up with the sharpie look. Then my patience paid off when I signed up as a model for one of Kim’s class with McKinsey(student) as the artist, they were both a great student/teacher team and my

result were so natural.. I couldn’t not have asked for a better experience. I’m looking forward to my touch up!
Thank you so much grin emoticon

Ping Caldwell

Kim was an excellent instructor and made learning easy. She is truly nice person that wants all of her students to succeed. I made a lot of new friends from all over the country. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Siamanave Dinoyo

I was a volunteered model for one of Kim’s students and I am very pleased with the work that she puts in with her students. The overall experience was fantastic and with each stroke it was very delicate but yet precise. The work being done was very diligent and attention to detail. I’m very pleased with the

results I was given and will refer this place to anyone who is looking to get their eyebrows fixed. Love the work that Kim puts into her students and to April thank you so much for letting me be a part of your experience!

Kasey Pentecost

I took the microblading course in san diego with Kim and it was amazing! She is so professional and great at what she does. I really enjoyed the class. I searched around for a while an deluxe brows is the best! I definitely recommend her!

Sarah Mcgarry

I have to tell you I had class in December me and my friend we are booth from Brazil .
I did a lots of research before I Decided to go with deluxe but no regrets. Kim was my instructor and for me she was worth each penny I expend on it. She is above beyond Patient if you need 100’times explanation she will do it

and muck more .
After my classes we still in touch and she is always helping when I have question.The class will give to you a good idea of what is microblading and how to do it good , but practice is what will make you better then others .
Thank you Kim

Vee Bee

Just completed the 5 day training with Kim and she is awesome. Her patience and passion for her work makes her an awesome teacher. I love that we can continue to ask questions after the 5 days are done, it makes me feel that I’m not alone and she really wants us to be the best we can be in this craft. She

went out of her way to give each student as much hands on experience with models and was willing to stay after if we had any questions. A Great artist doesn’t mean you would be a Great teacher and that’s why I would recommend this course with Kim. She encourage to always continue learning and practice is key. Met some awesome girls that we will definitely stay in touch and grow together in Microblading.

Jennessy Tyler

This class was amazing and Alex was so patient and answerd everyone’s questions . It was so much information and I left confident that the more practice I get the better I will get and easier it will become . I researched Microblading classes for 6 months I’m glad I took this class.

Maia Yunker

Aleksandra was a great instructor! She was so patient and thorough, answering all questions to make sure we understood everything. When working on our models, she made sure to give everyone her time and thoroughly analyze what we were doing, recognizing every small detail and instilling confidence in us! I will do it

would definitely recommend this class.

Charlene Mesaris Maroni

Microblading is the next hottest thing out there. Everyone is calling and face booking me all night long trying to get in after seeing the pictures we took during the Delux Brows Class with Aleksandra. I took a 2 day class with another company and could not do the procedure after the class. Aleksandra takes you

step by step through the process. You are never overwhelmed. She keeps you on track. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did! (FYI act FAST. Her classes are small and fill quickly.)

Deanna Martinez

I have taken many permanent make up, continued education classes and this is by far the best class I’ve ever taken!! Aleksandra has a way of teaching that is much more informative than any instructor I’ve ever had, she never gives you too much information and keeps you on task so you dont get mixed up or feel

overwhelmed. Usually when taking a class I leave feeling like I don’t know enough I left this class feeling that even though I do still need a lot of practice, I know what to do and how to do it. She stays in touch with you even after the class is over answering all your questions and giving you any information you need. If you’re looking for a fabulous microblade teacher you found the one don’t look any further Aleksandra is the best!

Jill Krumlauf

Kim was an amazing teacher – patient, incredibly supportive and very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the small class size and the amount of time we were able to practice and ask questions! Kim also offers support after the course so you have an ongoing mentor. I would definitely recommend this course. Top-notch educators in the beauty industry can be tricky to find, but Kim

nailed it.

Eva Karapetians

I am so happy I took Alexandra’s microblading course! She really taught so much and it was well worth the money ! You learn many techniques along with all other important factors like pigments and color matching and mixing techniques. Thank you so much I am so excited to offer this service with

confidence !

April Duncan Davis

I just finished 5 day training with Kim in San Diego. I had such a wonderful time and learned so much. I was so impressed with her knowledge and approachability. She doesn’t make you feel intimidated, she helps give you the confidence you need to do well. I highly recommend! Great training!

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