Microblading & Machine Ombre Brows

Fundamental 5days/125 Hours Training Program


5 days physical training in class

Guided instructor's support while practicing, getting the right position and improving the skills


Lifelong Support in group and 1 year continuous learning Online

We provide lifelong support in the student’s group to all our students without any additional fee. The online training module access is available for 12 months.


Professional Kit

Deluxe Brows Expert kits are very complete to take on at least 80 clients.


Live Demonstration

Instructor is performing permanent makeup treatment step by step, on a live models in front of you.


Practice on Models

Students are performing practice on live models with the strict supervision of the trainer. The groups are very intimate with 4 students maximally.


Different Learning Types

We provide all types of learning to ensure every student gets the attention needed.

Choose The Program

Training Calendar

INSTRUCTOR Jessica Elisabeth

Liverpool training venue
Parking available
6 Curzon Road
Liverpool John Lennon or Manchester

London training venue
13, River View, 8 Kew Bridge Rd, Brentford TW8 0FJ
Heathrow Airport
Hillingdon, London, England, United Kingdom

5day Beginners Microblading, Manual Strokes and Manual Shading 
18/22nd of January, LONDON
25th of Feb – 1st of March , LIVERPOOL


Deposit is required to secure your spot and start online preparation. Invoice with remaining balance will be sent out 3 weeks prior class date.



Training Terms & Conditions

Application agreement will be sent to you after your registration.  It must be reviewed, signed and returned prior to commencing any on-line course.

To be able to participate either directly or on-line in a Deluxe Brows® course you agree:

THAT YOU ARE NOT A TRAINER, an employee of a trainer, or attending the class on behalf of any trainer or organization representing training in the field of permanent cosmetics.

Deluxe Brows® Training is not simply an additional course or service for your business.  Your studies will be intensive.  Our aim is to provide deep learning, not a surface-level review of a technique.  If you are thinking of taking this training, please consider the following:

You must be able to allocate enough time for preparation and homework.  If you are working full time and feel you may have difficulty clearing your schedule to engage in sufficient preparation and study, please postpone your training until you are able to dedicate yourself to the full scope of the training.

You need to be patient with yourself and prepared to struggle and make mistakes.  Permanent makeup is not as easy as it may seem and mistakes are key to growth.  We believe at Deluxe Brows® that it takes a great deal of time and practice to even produce average results; substantially more to get flawless results.  Clients expect the latter.

Be prepared for intense theoretical study.  Make sure you have enough rest and that your mind is clear and unoccupied with distractions.  If you are not fully present in your training, it will be difficult for you to recall details from lesson to lesson.

We care a great deal about your models’ faces.  This is why we will only permit you to work on live models following successful completion of all of your on-line homework and practice.  Please be advised that if we have some doubt about your preparedness for live models, you will be required to continue practice.

We highly recommend practicing on artificial skin until you are producing perfect results.  It will not be until then that you can begin working on clients.

With respect, please understand that we cannot accept excuses of any kind for not keeping up with homework and practice.  If you have chosen this art, HARD WORD is a given.  Make your choice very wisely.

Permits and Requirements

Agreement between Student and Deluxe Brows® must be completed before access to on-line modules is provided.

All initial courses are held in a licensed establishment and are taught by registered, certified tattoo artists.

ALL students must complete a Blood Borne Pathogens course prior to working on live models.

All US students must register with their local Health Departments to obtain a Body Art Practioner permit prior to the commencement of training.
Your Body Art Permit and Blood Borne Pathogens certificate must be up to date and valid in the district/country you course is held in.

Full terms and cancelation policy is here


Day 1 to 5
  • 1st day

10 am - 11 am Introduction to Permanent Makeup (concept, rules, results)
11 am - 11:30 am Treatment setup, BBP and sanitation requirements
11:30 am - 2 pm Ombre Brows treatment demonstration (eyebrow design, mapping, numbing, outlining, ombre shading technique)
2 pm - 3 pm Lunch Break
3 pm - 4:30 pm Brow design and mapping rules. Practice
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Introduction to shading needles
5:30 pm - 7 pm Practice on latex

  • 2nd day

10 am - 12 pm Skin types, Healing cases, Retention issues
12 pm - 2 pm Color Theory and Pigments
2 pm - 3 pm Lunch Break
3 pm - 5 pm Ombre shading practice on latex
5 pm - 7 pm Touch up and after-care

  • 3rd day

10 am - 10:30 am Treatment room setup
10:30 am - 11:00 am Model consultation and pictures
11 am - 2 pm Ombre treatment on model
2 pm - 3 pm Lunch break
3 pm - 5 pm Introduction to microblading (treatment video, rules, hair strokes)
5 pm - 6:30 pm Templates and practice.
6:30 pm - 7 pm Questions and Answers.

  • 4th day

10 am - 12:30 pm Microblading and manual shading technique demonstration
12:30 pm - 2 pm Microblading and manual shading needles. Practice
2 pm - 3 pm Lunch Break
3 pm - 5:00 pm Microblading and manual shading templates
5:00 pm - 7 pm Practice on latex

  • 5th day

10 am - 1 pm Microblading practice on a mannequin
1 pm - 2 pm Lunch Break
2 pm - 2:30 Treatment room setup
2:30 pm - 3 pm Model consultation and pictures
3 pm - 6 pm Microblading treatment on model
6:30 Questions and answers. Certificates

Microblading Online Training

Microblading and PMU Online Training for all levels artists