Deluxe Brows® Disposable FUTURITY Microblading Tools 10pcs


Deluxe Brows® “FUTURITY” disposable tools

  • Changeable Needles
  • 20% Sharper NANO Needles
  • Protective cap
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Flexible or Hard
  • Sterile EO Gas
  • Single Use
  • Safe individual package
  • LOT number on each package
  • Expiration date on each package



FUTURITY Tool comes in TWO parts: Holder + Needle.

It allows you to have any configuration you want

10pcs BOX

Choose Set
Select Needles + Tool Holder Needles without Tool Holder Tool Holder ONLY
Choose Needle Type
Select Slanted Double Shader Oval NANO HARD (U) Needle #18 Oval NANO (U) Needle #18 Angled NANO Needle #17 BUNCH Type Needle #21 Double SHADING Needle No Needle
Clear selection

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