5pcs. Deluxe Brows® Sterile Series Sketch Marker

Sterile Permanent Marker

Perfect for the outline and for brow strokes inside the shape.

  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • Waterproof
  • Fine sharp tip
  • Long lasting
  • Color – Brown
  • Will stay through 1-2 passes (if isotonic water/saline solution is used for cleansing)

How to use:

  • Thoroughly clean the area with alcohol
  • Apply the marker – tap the dots around for outline or draw the strokes
  • Apply the anesthetic cream on top (do not rub directly on the marker marks)
  • After 10-15minutes gently tap with tissue to absorb the cream
  • Continue with the PMU treatment
  • Wipe off the marker with green soap, or several applications with isotonic water

5 pcs in pack.



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