Deluxe Brows®

Deluxe Brows® Pre-made Eyebrow Mapping Thread/String
1 x Red1 x Brown5 x Red5 x Brown5 x White1 x White

Product Details

Deluxe Brows® Pre-made Thread/String for precise #BrowMapping

Tired of covering the thread before each treatment? We've got you covered!

Pre-made threads are ready to go. Just take one from the pack and start your brow mapping process!

Covered with non-allergic, waterproof colorant.

Available in three colors! RED, BROWN & WHITE

Red String is perfect for normal to dry skin and Fitzpatrick skin type 3-5. Brown string is perfect for normal to oily skin and Fitzpatrick skin type 1-3.

10pcs per pack

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  • Available Worldwide

  • Best Warranty in the Business

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