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Deluxe Lashes Moon Lashes
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Moon Shape Single Eyelashes


Deluxe Lashes Moon Eyelashes

Unique Moon Shape Eyelashes

This unique type eyelashes has both ends tapered. This allows to adhere the eyelash more easily and ensure the best bonding between natural and extended eyelashes. With this type of eyelashes you will make full eyelash extension or refill application quickly.

Moon Type eyelashes are durable as they do not have sharp end while sticking. Thats why this type of eyelashes can be wear longer. Clients can brush eyelashes more safety and do not scratch them.

Moon Type Eyelashes are 0.20mm thick. You can choose between 7-13mm length.

There is about 2500 eyelashes in the pot.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to tapered tip, these eyelashes are about 1.5 mm longer than usual.

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