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Deluxe Lashes Professional Eyelash Extension Kit EXPERT

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Deluxe Lashes Professional Eyelash Extension Kit




Professional Deluxe Lashes Expert eyelash extension kit is an excellent choice to start the work. The kit includes everything what you need for high quality eyelash extensions procedure. Large choice of eyelashes will satisfy the expectations of each client. The kit is completed in such way that it includes only necessary supplies. The kit also includes silicone eyelash pad and soft eyelash sponge, so you can easier decide what from the latter tools will help you to pick up eyelashes better.

The kit includes:


8 pc - Deluxe Lashes eyelash extensions boxes

1 pc - 10ml Deluxe Lashes adhesive for eyelash extensions Ultra Adhesive

1 pc - 15ml Deluxe Lashes gel type adhesive remover Gel remover

1 pc - 50ml Deluxe Lashes Cleansing Foam - Primer 

20 pairs. - Deluxe Lashes moisturising protection pads

100 pc -  Deluxe Lashes micro fibre brushes

50 pc - Deluxe Lashes eyelash brushes

1 pc - Deluxe Lashes straight tweezers

1 pc - Deluxe Lashes curved tweezers

1 pc - Deluxe Lashes eyelash sponge

1 pc - Medical strip

1 pc - Case


The kit is intended for 150 procedures.

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