Color Theory Online Training

  • Training Price: $119

    3 hours of recored training


Certificate and Manuals Included!

If you are struggling with

Color choices and skin undertones

Ashy residue over time

Warm residue over time

Proper color retention

The variety of brands, options and choices

With too many pigment bottles on your shelves

This training will help you

Understand all the pigments, no matter the brand. 

Learn the ingredients list (inci) and understand the given composition, names and numbers. 

Choose the right composition and color for a particular skin type, desired result and technique.

Predict the outcome after years and make your choice wisely.

Find the best option in a variety of techniques, outcomes, individuals and situations. These will be taught at this webinar.

Learn color correction.

Pigment Color theory marathon certificate and chart

3 Hours fo recorded training

  • Understand the lable, recognize the numbers (INCI)

  • Learn to read the ingredients and predict the outcome

  • Adapt the pigment to a particular technique and vice versa

  • Know the difference between organic, inorganic and hybrid pigments

  • Recognize Skin Tones and Fitzpatrick

  • Be able to choose cool vs warm or neutral

  • Color correction, correctors and modifiers

  • Color charts and color correction charts

  • Learn the ticks working with Titanium dioxide and Carbon

  • And much more

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