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Level Up your brow mapping and hair strokes templates!

This Practice Book is a complete game-changer for a microblading or brow artist. It contains brow mapping steps, brow shape, and design aspects, several hair strokes templates, and even a few most important rules while microblading and shading.

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The Practice Book was created by the owner of Deluxe Brows, Aleksandra Maniuse. It was carefully designed to meet the needs of the modern artist. The book is easy to follow, small enough to fit in your purse, yet practical to be your best practice guide.
This book gained a lot of love between seasonal artists and trainers.


Here is what our clients think about the Practice Book

-"I love this book! Great way to practice on the go!"

-"Highly recommend the practice book. So many templates to practice with!"

-"I was hesitant to try, however it came highly recommended by one of the artist I know."

-"I am so glad I purchased it! It’s a great practice book!"


Practice Book contains:

  • Eyebrow mapping schemes (pages 1/7)
  • Eyebrow structure schemes (pages 8/11)
  • Eyebrow mapping templates (pages 12/13)
  • Hair strokes rules and examples (pages 14/15)
  • Front Hairs strokes examples (pages 16/17)
  • 4 hair strokes patterns "step by step" (pages 18/38)
  • Main manual method rules (pages 40/41)
  • 2x Eyebrow shading templates (pages 42/43)
  • Empty brow templates for practice (pages 44/47)
  • Notes with the practice face (pages 48/52)
  • Pages for notes (pages 52/68)

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