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Deluxe Lashes 5D 0.07mm VOLUME Eyelashes Fans

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0.07mm 5D fans

DELUXE LASHES Eyelashes Strips


Great news for those who want to make the Volume eyelash extensions easier and faster.

Having trouble working with Volume technique? 
It takes too long and the results do not satisfy you? 
Volume Fans are specifically for you. 
Knot free. Very short and thin base is completely invisible and imperceptible! 
It is also perfect in combination with classical eyelash extension technique to provide density for outer corners of the eyes or fill in the missing gaps.

0.07mm fans of 5 lashes (5D) - thinner, smoother and softer, down-like eyelashes promises light and fluffy eyelash effect.  Fans takes out easily from the tape, minimum adhesive used for fixing, especially short base. Fans formed without the glue remains, so it looks very natural.

Curl: C and D


0.07mm - 5pcs in fan


0.07mm - 5 lashes in fan, mix lengths of 9,10,11,12mm x 3rows each size. C or D curve.

15 fans in one strip. Total 180 fans - 900 lashes.


12 strips. 

IMPORTANT! Despite the ultra-thin and very short base of the eyelashes, without glue remains, this does not replace the original Volume eyelash extension techniques performed in the formation of fans of individual eyelashes. These lashes are recommended as a support when you want a faster and simpler solution to denser lash effect.

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